Gildan Teases Collaboration With Riley Green Ahead Of National Underwear Day Tomorrow

Riley Green country music

Lawd have mercy…

I don’t know what we did to get so lucky, but it appears as though Riley Green is the newest brand ambassador for Gildan, a clothing line that makes all sorts of staples like t-shirts, socks and yes, underwear.

Riley recently revealed that he’s going to be an underwear model, and it sounds like we might be getting to see all the photos and content very, very soon.

Gildan’s Instagram account shared a photo of what is very obviously Riley in his signature tucked in t-shirt, cowboy hat, and um, very sculpted arms, saying that their favorite holiday is coming up tomorrow and they’re planning to reveal their new model.

A quick Google search led me to discover that August 5th is indeed National Underwear Day, and I think I officially have a new favorite holiday…

Riley previously admitted that the experience was a little uncomfortable, but that he wasn’t just modeling underwear during the photo shoot:

“I wasn’t really in my underwear the whole day, they got t-shirts and socks to make other stuff.”

He also admits that it wasn’t something he planned on doing at 34, but he joked that he’s “for sale” if somebody wants to pay him to model their underwear…

“If you know us, you know our favorite holiday is TOMORROW! And we have a huge announcement to make.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out who our newest brand ambassador will be… any guesses?”

It’s definitely a little bit surprising to see this pairing, and it seems like Riley feels the same way, but I will tell you right now that I am not mad at it one little bit…

Stay tuned, because I will be doing the Lord’s work tomorrow and plan to be back bright and early with a full report and all the photos that I can find for all of you, our loyal Whiskey Riffers.

And in addition to this new venture, which could go down in history as one of the greatest country music marketing campaigns of all time, Riley is gearing up to (finally) release his sophomore studio album in October.

He debuted a new song from the tracklist at Rock the South a few weeks ago that was also inspired by one of his grandfathers called “My Last Rodeo”:

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