Underage Drinker Sued Over Smear Campaign Accusing Luxury NYC Hotel Of Supporting Jeffrey Epstein After They Refused To Serve Him

Mark Hotel NYC
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A luxury New York hotel faces an absurd smear campaign after refusing to serve an underage guest.

The Mark Hotel, located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York, known as one of the premiere luxury hotels of New York, is suing an underage drinker who allegedly hired protestors to wave signs accusing the hotel for supporting pedophiles, “denying the Holocaust,” and other wild accusations.

Theodore Weintraub was booted from the hotel after repeatedly trying to buy drinks with a fake ID at the hotel bar. The trendy spot is one where a martini with rye vodka will run you nearly $30.

According to hotel workers, Weintraub became aggressive as wait staff and bartenders refused to serve him. The commotion was disruptive enough for him to be banned from the hotel in 2021.

Soon after, he returned with his father, begging for forgiveness, but security stopped him on the way to his dinner reservation. Upon the denial, he “flipped out.”

Rather than walking out with his tail between his legs, Weintraub launched a smear campaign against the hotel, ultimately leading to The Mark filing a lawsuit against him.

Reports The New York Post:

“All these different chants all day … It’s the craziest thing we’ve ever had to deal with,” one worker said.

[They say] the Mark has mice, the Mark supports Epstein [and] pedophiles.”

The Patch.com also noted that workers said that he hired protesters who would go on for hours non-stop. The site also noted that protesters told the owner of The Mark they would cease their smear campaign if they let the underage drinker back into the bar.

While this first instance occurred at the end of June, there have been other reported instances of the boozehound attempting to re-enter the hotel, causing a disturbance each time.

Most recently, on July 17th, Weintraub and others were kicked out of the hotel when they were disturbing workers for preparing for late-night celebrity arrivals.

When asked to leave, the hotel claimed that Weintraub “flopped to the ground and pretended to be injured.”

These instances and more have led to a lawsuit…all because a bar was doing its job and not serving an underaged guest.

Liquor licenses are hard to obtain, so I am sure the bar does not want to jeopardize losing it, given its prestigious name.

One worker from The Mark summed it up:

“Because you’re not used to hearing ‘no,’ that pushes you to do this because you have to get what you want?

To me, it’s crazy, that sense of entitlement.”

The esteemed hotel is known for hosting many celebrities, such as Drake, Gigi Hadid, and Angelina Jolie. Many celebrities that grace the red carpet at the Met Gala stayed at The Mark this year, just to give you a perspective of their clientele. A single queen bedroom for a night will run you over $1,000, so this hotel is not for your average Joe to stay at.

Not to sway the polls here, but this sound like a case of a sh*tty fake ID. As someone who has had multiple confiscated bad fake IDs and skated away without legal repercussions (sorry, Mom and Dad, if you are reading this), I’d take the slap on the wrist and get out of there.

It does not appear there will be any lounging and eating caviar at The Mark in Weintraub’s future.

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