Jason Kelce’s Wife Claps Back After He’s Called Out For “Playing Fetch” With His Kids After Practice: “Just Say You Don’t Have Toddlers”

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie, was not about to let people dad shame the NFL star.

Yesterday the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles shared a heartwarming video of Kelce playing with his daughters on the field after practice.

The on-screen caption read “Best. Dad. Ever.” while the post was captioned:

“Jason Kelce always stays late after practice to play with his daughters.”

The video shows him throwing a football with two of their three daughters.

Shortly after the video was posted, people took to the comments saying that he was playing “fetch” with his kids.

Kylie was not having it and quickly stood up to the haters.

The New York Post reported that she reposted the video adding the following caption:

“People in these comments saying ‘He’s playing fetch with his kids like they are dogs!

Just say you don’t have toddlers. If you listen, you can hear him counting. So technically, they are racing.”

Like his wife, many other comments were defending Jason as a parent.

“Those are his coaches now.”

“Look how happy they are! He’s such a fantastic dad to his girls. Love when he talks about them, or we see them in his podcast with Travis.”

“People who are hating….shut up. Clearly, you don’t have kids. Get the outta here.”

While being in the midst of training camp, quality time with your kids might look a little different. The little girls appear to be having a blast running back and forth to their father.

Kylie posted last week an appreciation post for Jason. The couple welcomed their third child into the world in February, and Jason is gearing up to return for his 13th NFL season.

“This off-season proved yet again how your drive and work ethic are absolutely remarkable.

We can’t wait to see the results of that this season. As always, your ladies will be cheering you on every step of the way!”

One thing is for sure; these little girls have a superstar father balancing the demanding schedule of an NFL player and still making time to build core memories with his kids.

The Kelce girls look like they adore their dad in this video… can’t help but warm your heart.

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