Fishermen Out On A Boat In Alabama River Catch Two… Swimming Kittens?

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Wait a second…does this count as a “catfish” catch?

There’s nothing like a fishing trip and the stories that can come from them, and these two fishermen will have quite the story after this. It’s not everyday that you go out on the water hoping to reel in some bass or bluegill and end up coming home with two furry friends.

The two fishermen were boating on the Black Warrior River in Alabama when they sat anchor near an island in the water. As they were getting settled, they spotted something small swimming in the water, and were shocked to see that an orange kitten was doggy-paddling (or maybe catty-paddling) right towards them.

One of the men reached down into the water to pick it out, and as the cat came out of the water, it adorably kept its arms and legs going in a swimming motion.

There’s a common belief that cats don’t really like the water, but this particular one looked like the cat-version of Michael Phelps the way it was powering through the water.

The two fishermen we’re trying to wrap their heads around what had just happened when one of them noticed another kitten still on the island making its way through the greenery on the shore and into the water.

Sure enough, just like the first one, the second orange cats dives right in and quickly swims towards the fishing boat. As they slowly move the boat in the direction of the second cat, one of the men can be heard saying:

“We’re out here trying to fish and had a damn cat swimming towards the boat cause some jackass probably put them out here…

There’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?”

They pull in the second cat, which looks almost identical to the first one that they pulled in. Unfortunately, it does appear that someone had “dumped” the cats out on the water locked island, but the cats were resilient and made it off.

And in the perfect ending to the story, after the pair of orange cats were rescued, they were also quickly adopted and found their forever homes. I’m sure these cats will be grateful for their second chance, and maybe they won’t be as “full of themselves” as most cats tend to be as pets.

Take a look at the heartwarming video below:

P.S.- Whoever left the kittens on the island deserves to be dumped on a remote island themselves.

Let’s see how they like it…

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