Elk Stops Traffic Fighting A Couch Cushion In The Middle Of Montana Highway

Elk rams cushion
Warren Johnson

I wonder what that cushion ever did to him?

Nature is always throwing the unexpected at us, that is one of the best parts about it. But some of these things you can’t even make up. You just never know what you are going to see out there.

Elk are a favorite deer species far and wide. They are known to have some of, if not the best, game meat in the world. These beauties can reach up to 1,000 pounds and stand over 5 feet tall at the shoulder.

Bull elk are known to sport massive antlers that they regrow each year. As the bulls get older, their antlers grow larger with them and can measure up to 6 feet in length with multiple points coming off each one. They use these for mating season and will spar other bulls with them. They also use their antlers for defense and are not afraid to ram anything with them.

Elk are generally peacefully unless they are all rutted up and ready to mate. They can become aggressive and unpredictable then.

Something must have been up with this bull as he was giving it to a couch cushion for no reason at all.

The bull elk is seen in the middle of a Montana road jarring a cushion across the road as he stops traffic.

He pushes it to the other side and stabs it a few times before deciding the cushion had enough and the running off.

“I was headed right out of Gardiner to check my horses when I came across this two year old bull elk fighting with a couch cushion.

I’ve got hundreds of videos of cool little things like this in the wild and of wild animals in civilization. As the mountain men said the Rocky Mountains are the marrow of the earth and I live right in the center of it.

Best place for a good life, tough, rugged, but beautiful and full of little surprises like this.”

You never now what you’re going to see.

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