Snake Resting On Top Of Screen Door Bites Man’s Head, Leading To Utter Chaos


God bless Ring doorbell footage.

As most of my TikTok findings happen, I was casually scrolling when this video popped up. I am a sucker for some chaotic Ring footage, so I dialed in before the video started.

A man walks up to his front door, and as he pulls back the screen door, a snake coiled around the top reaches down and bites this man square on top of the head.

The man looks up to see what I’m sure he thought might have fallen on his head to surprisingly see the snake chilling on top of the screen door frame.

Stunned and putting the pieces together that the snake inflicted pain on top of his head, he begins to run backward. However, a tale as old as time, trying to function running backward while in a panic, typically does not work out.

The man yells out:

“Help! I got bit.” 

And his ankle gives out two steps after he says that, and he gets really friendly with the concrete walkway from a major wipeout.

He continues to cry for help while on the ground. To be frank, I bet the fall hurt more than the bite itself…double whammy.

The video is sixteen seconds of pure chaos while also unlocking a new fear.

First, we had to worry about snakes coming up from toilets, and now this…the commenter that left this comment gets it.

“Me adding to my list of “Scary Things That Prevent Me From Living A Normal Life,” #9967279162 – Snakes on top of doors.” 

@haven1988 Snake bites Dad on Head… haha he thought he was gone.. 😂😂😂#funnymoments😂 #hilarious ♬ original sound – Stevie Haven

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