Chicago Bears President & CEO Offers Game Tickets To A Window Washer Hanging Outside Of His Office

Chicago Bears

Man, football season is so close I can almost smell it.

We’re officially in the dog days of summer, where it’s excruciatingly hot and we’re just about starting to get sick of the extremely long days.

Not to mention, there aren’t any sports to watch on TV besides MLB baseball, and as much of a baseball fan as I am, I’m dying for some football.

Luckily enough, we’re only a little over a month out, and I’ve found myself lulling myself to sleep every night with highlights from this past NFL and college football seasons, just to get myself in the right mindset.

So, needless to say this kind of content both fires me up, and warms my heart.

Chicago Bears president and CEO Kevin Warren was in the office preparing for the 2023 season pretty recently, probably trying to figure out if Justin Fields is the answer at quarterback and whatnot. (I’ve got my own opinion on that one, but I’ll leave to for Bears fans to argue about).

That’s when he noticed a man outside the window, cleaning the windows while suspended several stories in the air.

So, Warren decided to make the window cleaner’s day in the best way he knows how: By offering him Chicago Bears tickets.

You can her Warren yell to the worker:

“Want to go to a game?”

You then see the worker’s eyes light up, and he shakes his head yes.

Warren then asks for his name (which is Caesar), and number, which Caesar displays with his hands.

You have to love it. You never know what someone may be going through, and this move by the Bears’ president and CEO may have made Caesar’s year.

Check it out:

@chicagobears Football is in the air 🐻⬇️ #chicagobears #nfl #sportstiktok ♬ Cruel Wednesday – SEDVTED

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