Luke Combs Brings Little Boy On Stage To Sing “Fast Car” With Him At Gillette Stadium To Celebrate Being Cancer-Free

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The undisputed man of the people.

During Luke Combs’ show in Foxborough, Massachusetts at Gillette Stadium last night, Luke brought a little boy named Cooper on stage for a very special moment.

Cooper looks to be around seven or eight years old, and just beat cancer, and his one wish was to get on stage and sing with Luke.

So Luke made it happen, and Cooper sang part of Luke’s current hit and Tracy Chapman cover “Fast Car,” taking over the chorus with thousands of fans screaming along to every single word.

Luke introduced him by telling the audience that Cooper had just beat cancer, and that he came all the way to the show so they could sing together.

Cooper understandably looked a little nervous to be standing in front of that many people in a massive venue, but Luke assured him that he’d help him out with it and Cooper ended up singing every single word of the chorus loud and clear and doing a fantastic job with it.

The audience even broke into a “Cooper” chant at one point, and it was certainly a very sweet and special moment that he will remember for the rest of his life:

“He came all the way here, just beat cancer, so he could sign his favorite song with me. Cooper, how you doing? you hanging in there?

So, what we’re gonna do Cooper, is we’re gonna sing the chorus of ‘Fast Car’ one time, and all these beautiful people, who are so happy that you’re cancer free, they’re gonna sing ‘Fast Car’ with us.

And hey, they probably aren’t gonna be able to hear us anyways ‘cuz they’re gonna be singing so loud. I’m gonna help you.”

Moments like these are the abolsute best parts of country music, and I love Luke for making little Cooper’s dream come true:

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Luke’s single “Fast Car” has been an abolsute juggernaut at country radio, flying up the charts at an insane pace pretty much completely organically, so much so that his label actually sent it to Top 40 pop and Hot Adult Contemporary radio a while back..

It’s currently the #1 song on both the Mediabase chart and U.S. Country Airplay chart, which are the two charts labels use to officially track their songs performance:

Originally written and recorded by Tracy Chapman, “Fast Car” was released in 1988 as the lead single from her 1988 self-titled debut studio album, and at the 31st annual Grammy Awards in 1989, she won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Fast Car,” best contemporary folk album for Tracy Chapman and best new artist.

“Fast Car” was also nominated for record and song of the year, while Tracy Chapman received a nomination for album of the year.

Luke’s version has become a mega hit on both mainstream and country radio to put it lightly, shaping up to be one of, if not the, biggest hits of his career, and has long been a fan-favorite at his live shows where he’s been covering it for years.

“Fast Car”

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