Sloth Gives Off “Big Weekend Vibes” Enjoying The Hell Out Of A Boat Ride

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Let’s be honest, we’re all trying to get to the weekend so we can be like this sloth, who is clearing living its best life.

I’m sure a lot of us actually share a lot of characteristics with the world’s slowest animal. We all like to lounge, hang out with a nice view, strive for a slow-paced lifestyle, love to sleep, and enjoy a nice boat ride on a glistening body of water.

I bet you are re-thinking what your spirit animal is after reading that. Turns out probably 90% of Americans are more like sloths than they thought they were, and once you watch this video, you’ll be all in on the sloth fan club too.

Why is this sloth riding in a boat, you may ask? That I do not know. Is the sloth really enjoying the water ride that much that it’s decided to glide its weird looking claws along the water? You bet your ass it is.

I’m thinking that a lot of the sloth’s enjoyment of the boat ride is just the sheer fact of how fast it is traveling. For reference, when a sloth is threatened, it tops out at lightning fast speed of 0.17 miles per hour. And that is when it is fighting for its life…

Hitching a ride on a small boat with a trolling motor is like the invention of air travel for this sloth. They are going probably 5 to 10 miles per hour across the water, so I’m sure the sloth is 1) silently freaking out at the speed and 2) appreciative of the “scoop” because otherwise it would have taken years to get as far on its own.

You might be thinking “maybe it’s intrigued by the water,” and that’s a fair guess. I can’t get inside the sloth’s head and let you know what it was thinking. However, they are no strangers to water, because apparently the entire sloth population is excellent at swimming. Now you can say that you learned something today…

I really just can’t get over how people a couple of beers in out on the lake do the exact same thing that this sloth is doing. Kneel down towards the side of the boat, connect with the water, and just let it glide on top like it’s water skiing. Man, I’ve got to get out on the lake soon…

Take a look:

The video has been viewed over 9 million times, and plenty of social media users have left their thoughts and feelings regarding the water-enjoying sloth in the replies:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock