Stray Dog Rescues Abandoned 4-Month Old Baby From Trash

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Joseph Eid/AFP via Getty Images

Talk about a story that warms your heart, yet breaks it at the same time.

News reporters outside of Tripoli, Lebanon, shared that a newborn was found in a bag being carried by a stray dog.

After further investigation, it was revealed that a dog was seen carrying a black plastic trash sack early on Wednesday morning near a municipality building. The black nylon bag was being held in the mouth of the stray dog when a pedestrian heard cries.

A four-month-old baby girl was discovered inside after they could take the sack from the dog.

The New York Post reported that the baby was immediately taken to the hospital for medical evaluation not only for the condition in which it was found but also due to the fact that the child was found with bruises and abrasions across her body and face.

The local hospital released a statement saying the baby’s condition was serious but stable. And, as news broke, the child would be okay social media users jumped into action, wanting to adopt the child.

While the news is celebrated that this dog saved this baby’s life, there will be a serious investigation into who dumped the baby into the trash (not to mention the bag the baby was found in could have easily led to suffocation).

A local journalist, Ghassan Rifi, tweeted in Arabic:

“It was not known whether the ‘wild lady’ who threw the child and fled to an unknown destination had intended to throw her in the area so that the dogs would finish her off and eat her corpse or to draw attention to her.

But in all cases, the dog that dragged her was more humane in the face of the brutality and criminality of the one who threw her.”

While the news focused on the baby, recognition also needs to be given to the dog that saved her from the dumpster and the bystander that took action.

I hope both baby and dog are rewarded with the loving homes they deserve as a number of local people have already offered to adopt both of them.

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