California Man Celebrates 100th Birthday With Incredible Parade Of Over 200 Dogs From The Neighborhood

Holly Barr

Birthday parties can seem less exciting year after year, but this man who just reached the century mark happened to have his best one yet.

Dr. Robert Moore has been a dog lover his entire life, and his daughter Alison knew that she somehow wanted to incorporate that love into his 100th birthday celebration. So she posted onto some online San Jose, California sites and forums with an idea for a dog parade, hoping that some local dog owners would be willing to bring their furry friends along to interact with her elderly Dad.

In the beginning, Alison was hoping to surprise her 100-year-old father with a parade of maybe 20 or so dogs. When the big day came, that goal number was exceeded easily, as over 200 four-legged friends were lined up around the block to see Robert Moore on his 100th birthday.

Dr. Moore was astounded by the turnout and had a lot of petting to do to celebrate, which is something that his daughter says he has been doing for a lot of his 100 years on Earth.

Alison told the Washington Post:

“He just love, love, loves dogs. Every dog he sees, he wants to pet. He has been like that his whole life.”

Pooches of all shapes and sizes showed up to see the old man, who was set up in a nice comfortable chair outside the family’s home ready to pat and pet any dog that came his way. Many of the animals were dressed up for the occasion too, with one dog in a fancy tuxedo shirt, and others carrying “Happy Birthday” signs up to Dr. Moore.

And no dog went un-petted that day, with Moore taking time for every single dog and their owner that was lined up to celebrate his special day. The dog-lover is a retired dean of science and applied arts at San Jose state, but his knowledge transcends far past his specialization.

Moore is also known as the dog whisperer, and at 100 years of age, he identified every single breed of dog that came up to visit him. Pretty impressive considering the staggering number of doggos that came to the bark-party.

The father of three and grandfather of five might have had his best ever birthday party 100 years into his life, and he has his daughter Allison, as well as his caring community, to thank. In the news story below, Allison spoke on how much the moment meant to the Moore family:

“It’s just really hard to explain how special it was. He really felt the birthday love.”

They were mostly strangers, and it makes you feel wonderful about your community that people would come out and do that for your Dad that you love so much, and it was really special.”

Check it out:

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