On This Date: Willie Nelson’s ‘Always On My Mind’ Was #1 On The Country Album Charts In 1982

Willie Nelson country music
Willie Nelson

One of many #1 albums from the country music legend.

Always On My Mind was the twenty-seventh studio album from Willie Nelson and is one of Nelson’s most well-charted albums.

Released in 1982 with Columbia Records, and containing tracks like “The Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning” and the title track “Always On My Mind,” the album is filled with some of Nelson’s greatest hits.

While some Elvis fans know “Always On My Mind” for his version of the song, Willie put his twist on it for this album, making it an incredible love ballad.

After seeing all of the hits contained on the album, it’s no surprise that it had such an impressive run on the country music charts.

Once the album was released, it quickly landed on the charts and would spend the next 21 weeks at number one. That’s nearly half of the year…which is pretty incredible, especially by today’s standard.

After it parted ways with the number one spot, it spent three weeks at number two and many more weeks across the top 200, totaling 253 weeks across the top 200 spots.

Yes, that’s right, nearly five years on the charts.

Many attribute the title single of the album to its major success as the single collected many awards, including CMA Song of the Year two years in a row, and helped Nelson secure a Grammy for Best Country Vocal.

The awards that this album brought Nelson year after year are unheard of in this day and age, but if anyone was going to do it…it would be Willie Nelson.

While Nelson’s discography is far more extensive today, Always On My Mind is an iconic album out of the 99 studio albums under the artist’s name today.

Long live Willie.

“Permanently Lonely”

“Bridge Over Troubled Water”

“Let It Be Me”

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