Wyatt Flores Has Outdone Himself With New Single, “Holes”

Wyatt Flores

Wyatt Flores has done it again.

His latest single “Holes” is out everywhere, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you’re already behind the ball. It’s some of his best work, yet.

A heartfelt ballad about going broke chasing the dream, and giving thanks to those who have supported you along the way, “Holes” harkens back to a time in Flores’ life that, while difficult, was an important aspect of the journey that has gotten him to where he is now as a musician. Not much longer than a year ago, the young up and comer was grinding on a welding job with a dream on his mind, and now, with millions of Spotify streams and sold out shows everywhere he plays, I think it’s safe to say he’s living it.

In a post Flores made to his Instagram account about a week ago, he provided some more context into how his latest single “Holes” came to be.

“This song means so much to me and captures where I was at and how I felt during that time of my life, as well as the struggles of my family and many others trying to break out of the system.

I’m so proud of how the art turned out after taking inspiration from this old family photo.”

He goes into even more detail in the video:

“‘Holes’ was written in March of last year in an Airbnb in Nashville, and at the time I was traveling from Florida to Oklahoma to Tennessee and I was trying to make money down there, welding with my uncle and my father.

And that wasn’t cutting it. I was trying to make this dream come to life and I was just really lost at the time and didn’t know when I was going to be able to move.

It was the desperation of trying to make something happen while also sitting there like a duck on water. That’s why the album art is pictures of my family just because the generations that come before me that have been trying to break the American dream and break the system.

I’m very lucky for them and everyone in my life that has helped me because the sacrifices that they have made have helped me be able to go and chase a dream down. And I’m very grateful for the people that listen to my music because they’re the only reason that I’m able to break it. And at least go live the dream.”

Co-written alongside Tyler Woodward, “Holes” is the latest single off of Flores’ highly anticipated debut album Losing Sleep, which is set to drop in its entirety in September 2023.

So, without further ado, give Flores’ latest single “Holes” a listen for yourself:


If you aren’t familiar with Wyatt Flores and his music yet, you’re going to want to change that ASAP.

The 22 year old Oklahoman, who now calls Nashville home, has taken the country music industry by storm with lyricism that is wise beyond his years and a unique sound that is impossible not to love. Almost a year ago to the day, Flores released his biggest hit to date, “Please Don’t Go,” which has since amassed nearly 27 million streams on Spotify alone, and has been going non-stop ever since.

As the anticipation builds for his forthcoming record, Flores has steadily put out singles over the last couple years, slowly growing his catalog and giving fans, critics, and fellow artists alike more and more reason to speak his praises. Amidst a busy schedule of sold out headlining shows, Flores has rapidly grown his fan base recently by playing plenty of festival dates, including Bonnaroo and tons of country festivals, as well as opening slots for tons of the industry’s biggest artists – Charley Crockett, Charles Wesley Godwin, 49 Winchester, and more – and all of them seem to believe Flores could really be the genre’s next big thing.

Only time will tell, but I like his chances.

Check out his summer touring schedule below, and go see a live show if he comes to a city near you.

And in case you haven’t heard much of his music aside from his killer single ”Holes,” here are a few of my favorite Wyatt Flores tunes.

Dive in.

“Ain’t Proud”

“Losing Sleep”

And as a bonus, watch this awesome video of Flores and Co. covering 49 Winchester’s hit “Russell County Line.”

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