Fishermen Capture Tender Moment Of Moose Teaching Calf To Swim In Alaska

Moose swimming
Brady E. Tyra

Only in Alaska.

What an amazing and wild place.

There’s nowhere better to experience the great outdoors. It’s big and wild country up there, with lots of wildlife and untouched ground.

The fishing is better, the animals that you hunt are bigger and more plentiful, and the landscape is incredible.

Moose are a favorite animal all across North America. Not only are they the biggest member of the deer family but they are also incredibly delicious. These mammoths can weigh up to 1,500 pounds at their largest, with cow moose maxing out around 1,000 pounds.

Being large moose require a lot of food to get by. They get most of their diet from water plants. Their long legs help them wade into the water and have plenty of access to food with hardly anything else is eating it.

Moose also use water as a safe refuge from danger, given they can move through it better than most other land creatures. Naturally, they have to teach their babies early on the ways of the land and how to survive. With rivers, lakes and ponds being a huge part of that, they get them out there to swim from a young age.

While doing some fly fishing in Alaska while wading in the river, the group fishing experienced a special moment of a mother moose teaching her calf to swim.

As the group is casting their lines, coming to the right of the camera so close to the group, a giant moose is wading in the deep water as a bobbing head follows quickly behind. The seemingly small calf (although I’m sure if you were next to the calf, it would be much larger than meets the eye) floats quickly in the deep water past its mother till the river gets more shallow.

As the group notices, they quickly make a bath for the swimmers to make it through, encouraging the baby to make it to the final destination. One of the guys in the group turns toward the camera, jaw-dropped in awe at what is happening right before their eyes.

Once the calf can touch the ground, it awkwardly stumbles to shore with Mom closely behind, ensuring he is not taken with the current.

Once the pair hopped onto the bank, the group cheered ecstatically.

What a fantastic experience to witness that closely what seems like the calf’s first swimming experience. Nature, man, is wild sometimes, but you can witness magical moments like this at other times.

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