Florida Snake Hunter Dubbed The “Python Cowboy” Bags A MASSIVE 16-Foot Burmese Python

Burmese python

Yep, once again I’m fully convinced that Florida is its own separate planet.

I mean seriously, where else will you casually find a MASSIVE Burmese python slithering across the ground, and then proceed to casually go about your day like it’s an everyday occurrence?

This sounds like the jungle rather than the state of Florida.

However, Burmese pythons are one of Florida’s most invasive species, and it’s truly becoming a problem…

And they can grow more than 20 feet, which is an absolutely terrifying thought for a guy who is terrified of all kinds of snakes.

So, snake hunters all throughout the state have come together to try to put an end to the invasive species.

One Florida snake hunter in particular is definitely doing his part, and did it by bagging a GINORMOUS 16-foot python.

And needless to say, this ain’t no hobby for this one specific snake hunter. It’s a full-time job.

Mike Kimmel is known as the “Python Cowboy” in those parts of the Florida Everglades. And Kimmel, along with his dog Otto, was able to track down the absolute unit of a creature.

He wrote in a July 6th post about the snake:

“A removal like this is absolutely crucial for our native wildlife in that ecosystem and WILL make a difference.

A python this size can eat anything in the Florida Everglades, as I’ve proven with the multiple adult alligators that I’ve rescued from being eaten by pythons (3 separate times).”

The massive snake also contained 60 eggs that were just days from being laid, which would have only contributed even more to the problem.

The Python Cowboy strikes again, and it’s yet another example that not all heroes wear capes.

The Global Invasive Species Database says that Burmese pythons are native to southeast Asia, and were introduced to Florida during the exotic pet trade at some point in the ’90s.


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