Projected Georgia Starting QB Carson Beck Exposed For Awkward Snapchat Message To A Young Lady

Carson Beck football
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Now that the legendary quarterback Stetson “The Mailman” Bennett has officially left Georgia after what feels like 10 years to take his talents to the NFL, there’s been one burning question in Athens…

Who will be the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs in 2023?

The Dawgs have a plethora of former blue chip recruits fighting for the job, such as Carson Beck, Brock Vandergriff, and Gunner Stockton, but from everything I’ve seen so far, it appears that it’s the junior Beck who will most likely land the starting job.

Of course, it’s a shaky decision, considering none of those three QBs have ever started a collegiate football game before, but Beck has the most experience, as he was Bennett’s backup in mop-up duty the past couple of seasons.

And he’s got quite the unique way of trying to rizz up the ladies, as the kids would say…

It appears that Beck may be letting this starting role get to his head a little, as he’s now going viral after he allegedly sent a risky Snapchat to some woman, where he made some WILD statements.

The snap reads:

“Ight you’re right that’s my b

It’s probably cuz I’m so lost in how good you look

Not tryna be weird, but specially when your tits are out gets my sh*t on hard immediately”

Man, Mr. Beck has one helluva way with words. I mean c’mon man, if you’re gonna get bold and send out a wild snap like this you can’t go with the “not tryna be weird,” because you’re just gonna sound 100xs more weird when you do make the statement.

Don’t get me wrong, I know he’s just a college kid, but ya gotta be more careful than this when you’re the reported starting quarterback for the two-time reigning National Champions.

I guess the good news is that if the Dawgs get the three peat with him as the starter this season, Georgia fans will let this one slide.

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