Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett Showed No Mercy At His Youth Camp, Lights Up Kid During Drill

Myles Garrett NFL
Camryn Justice

Sometimes NFL players struggle to turn off that competitive switch, which is oftentimes what makes them so great at their craft.

However, you would think that if a professional football player held a youth football camp, they might go a little easier on the kids if they participate in a drill. I guess no one told that to Cleveland Browns’ defensive end and massive human being Myles Garrett…

With kids sitting down all around on the football field, it appears that the football clinic was practicing some pass protection drills. With a kid named CJ at the quarterback position and one his fellow campers facing up against defensive specialist Myles Garrett, things did not look good from the get go.

CJ says “hut,” and Myles Garrett immediately jumps off the line. I highly recommend that you pause the video right then and there to see the kid’s face that is trying  to block Garrett.

The young child looks oddly confident in his blocking ability, but quickly finds out that he is no match for what is quite possibly the best defensive end in the league.

Myles pummels right through the first kid (with “oohs” and “ahhs” raining down from the crowd) and then smothers CJ, who was acting as the quarterback in the drill.

The kid tries to throw the ball over Garrett, but the NFL player simultaneously blocks the pass, pushes CJ, and then catches the ball as he runs off the field.

The man holding the microphone (who seems a little mad with power and allows for some awkward dead time) announces after the fact:

“Give it up for Myles Garrett, with the sack, and the strip, and the interception.”

Myles Garrett showed no mercy whatsoever. He treated the kid just like he would have an opposing team’s offensive line: went at him full force and embarrassed him.

I’m sure those kids didn’t mind though. It looks like everyone else at the camp got to go home with a “one-size-doesn’t-fit-all” t-shirt, and the kids included in the drill got to go home and tell their friends that they got lit up by Myles Garrett.

Not the worst thing in the world…

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