Bald Eagle Snatches Fish Out Of The Water, Impressively Eats It In Mid-Air

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Mark Smith Photography

Just when you think you’ve seen the best “bald eagle grabbing a fish out of the water” video, another one comes along and sets the bar even higher.

I’m sure you’ve seen a clip of a majestic bald eagle crashing down into the water to grab a fish, but I bet you’ve never seen one where it doesn’t waste any time grubbing on the catch and starts to chow down on it in mid air.

We’re closing in on the 4th of July, and I can’t think of a better representation of our great country than a bald eagle choosing to effectively make this fish “fast food.” Bald eagles and fast food restaurants are essentially the foundation of the United States of America.

It might actually depend on who you ask…

In this beautifully shot video (shout out to Mark Smith Photography), an eagle is seen gliding just above a body of water, sizing up the fish that it spots swimming just below the surface.

As it begins its descent, the bald eagle begins to extend its legs (as if they are landing gears), preparing its massive talons to retrieve the fish. America’s national bird glides its feet along the top of the water, then just at the right moment quickly scoops up the fish just as it starts to rise back up into the sky.

While most eagles might decide to take their catch to a safe location to consume it, this particular Bald eagle wastes no time eating the small fish as it continues to flap and spread its wings, ascending up above the trees surrounding the water.

The bald eagle uses its sharp pointed beak to quickly rip apart the fish, and the visual of it is phenomenal. With its wingspan spread out and the fish held tightly within its beak, you almost feel obligated to put your hand over your heart like it’s the “Star Spangled Banner.”

This big bird might be nature’s best multitasker, taking back off into the sky while throwing the entire fish in the air and down into its gullet, swallowing it whole.

Once it completes its “fast food” meal, the Bald eagle tucks its legs back into flight position and appears to get back to the hunt, scanning the water for another fish to snack on.

Again, may I reiterate that this now holds the title of “Best Bald Eagle Fishing Video On The Internet,” and I am willing to die on that hill. Nothing shouts “America” and “freedom” like this stunning video of the food chain playing out right in front of our eyes.

The video was posted to Twitter with the caption:

“An eagle grab a fish and eat live in mid air! Hunger is hard…”

Not sure what “hunger is hard” is supposed to mean, but regardless of that, watch this unbelievable footage of one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful birds doing what it does best:

Those in the reply section of this post couldn’t get enough of this patriotic bird dipping down into the water for a meal:

Amen on that last one…

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