Watch Megan Moroney Deliver A Stunning Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way” Back In 2020

Megan Moroney country music
Megan Moroney/YouTube

One of the rawest lyrics about a fading love.

Back in 2020, Megan Moroney put her take on the Chris Stapleton hit “Either Way” for a college project. In the video’s caption, she notes that this was a project for one of her Music Business Classes, and her brother stepped in to accompany her on guitar for the session.

I’ve said it before, but taking on the challenge of covering Chris Stapleton is not for the weak.

The deceivingly simple acoustic song of “Either Way” is filled with complex vocal runs, and anybody who tries to pull it off has to effectively deliver such vulnerable lyrics in a way that the listener actually believes.

And Moroney knocks this out of the park.

The seemingly effortless delivery of the lyrics carries the same grit that Stapleton portrays in the original cut. Moroney has a natural rasp to her voice that I think gives this cover so much life. The addition of her brother helping out with harmonies add depth to the second verse and chorus, creating a balanced sound.

A fantastic cover from so early in Megan Moroney’s career is something to cherish. Check it out.

We don’t get amazing covers to enjoy without the originals, so give this phenomenal acoustic performance from Chris Stapleton a listen too.

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