Megan Moroney Delivers Beautiful, Stripped Down Performance Of “Why Johnny”

Megan Moroney country music
American Songwriter

One of my favorite songs from Lucky.

Megan Moroney’s debut album was one hell of a way to come out of the gates. With each song being one that can resonate, it truly is an album with something for every listener.

As she calls herself the “professional emo cowgirl,’ her songwriting will have you in your feelings.

“Why Johnny” is one song off the album that slows everything down and makes you want to belt out each word. Moroney recently sat down with the American Songwriter and gave a phenomenal stripped-down performance of the song.

As the studio cut already features stripped acoustic melodies, I was curious to see how a proper acoustic performance would show differentiation.

While lightly strumming the guitar, you can hone in on the raspy twang in her vocals. You can see that she is mic’d up, but the soft delivery of each word makes the viewer feel like you are sitting on a couch listening to her sing.

It is such a raw performance of the hypothetical conversation with June Carter about Johnny’s affairs and relating them to a present-day boy treating the narrator wrong.

“What made you wanna make it work?Did you always know he’d come aroundChange his ways and settle down?Did your friends call you crazy too?It’d sure help if I knew, hey June, why Johnny?”

Performances this stripped down make you appreciate the talent that these artists have.

This performance of “Why Johnny” does just that. Megan Moroney easily captivates her fans with her relatable lyrics and one-of-a-kind vocals.

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