Jameis Winston & The New Orleans Saints Had The Time Of Their Life Bowfishing

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Blake Grupe

Bowfishing is definitely more exciting than the traditional form of fishing, but I’m not sure that it is this exciting.

It appears that the New Orleans Saints decided to do some offseason team bonding and went with the thrilling hobby of shooting fish with a bow and arrow. What happens when you take the energy of an NFL in-game huddle and apply it to fishing?

Based on this video, you have professional football players talking trash to the fish that they shoot. Specifically, you get to see the always entertaining Jameis Winston verbally giving an impaled fish everything it can handle.

For those readers who aren’t into football as much, Jameis Winston has been an interesting character in the sport since his college football days at Florida State University. Even then, stories of him allegedly stealing crab legs made him even more of a national talking point.

Since he entered into the NFL, the talented quarterback first called Tampa Bay home for many seasons before bouncing over to the New Orleans Saints for what has primarily been a “back up” gig.

When he was with the Buccaneers though, he set an NFL record, becoming the first player ever to throw for 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in a single season.


His complicated legacy also includes this video of him “eating a W” during a pregame speech:

As well as when he danced in the locker room after he had surgery to repair his ACL, with his crutches in the air like he just didn’t care:

And now we have yet another viral Jameis Winston moment thanks to this team bowfishing expedition that the New Orleans Saints went on. The Saints rookie kicker Blake Grupe posted the TikTok to his account, and though Grupe looked to have a hell of a sizable catch, it was Winston that stole the show.

I have never seen a person trash talk such a small fish. I can see how you could become pretty pumped up succeeding in something you’ve done for the very first time, but Jameis brings somewhat of an anger and “in your face” attitude to the bowfishing.

Seriously, I am happy for Winston that he shot a couple of fish with a bow and arrow. More power to him. However, I laughed out loud watching him dish out trash talk to the small creature as if he just scored a game-winning touchdown and was trying to pump up the crowd.

And to make the obvious joke considering that Jameis has always struggled with interceptions, I’m a little surprised at how accurate Winston was able to be with such a small target.

Sorry, that was too easy. Almost as easy as sitting back and having your day brightened by Jameis Winston’s overly enthusiastic bowfishing experience:

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A beer bottle on a dock