Megan Moroney On Morgan Wallen Dating Rumors: “I’m Not The Kind Of Person That Likes To Talk About Things Like That”

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Megan Moroney is playing it coy when it comes to her relationships and who exactly inspires her songs.

Back in November, she confirmed that she did wear Morgan Wallen’s shirt in the cover photo for the promo for her single “Tennessee Orange,” after fans began speculating it belonged to him.

Morgan is a huge Tennessee Volunteers fan, and he and Megan had been commenting on each other’s Instagram accounts back and forth hinting that they might be more than just friends.

Of course, with Morgan being at the top of mainstream country at the moment, the rumor mill started swirling and people were dying to know if the two were, in fact, an item:

But in a recent interview with People, Megan didn’t confirm whether they are, or ever had been, in an official relationship, adding that she wasn’t trying to be “sly” about anything when she admitted it was Morgan’s shirt, but rather, was having “a panic attack”:

“The Highway interview, everyone I think saw it as me being trying to be sly, but I’m like, I’m actually just having a panic attack.

I was honestly shocked that I even said that it was his shirt, but I guess since he had already confirmed it with the poster thing that he did, I was like, ‘Sure, yeah, it’s his shirt.'”

She insists that’s all there is to it, adding that the rumors made her “really uncomfortable.”

Megan also said she’s not the kind of person who likes talking publicly about her dating life, and she doesn’t want to get in the habit of saying who every song is about, because if it’s not a “nice” song, then she might get herself in trouble:

“I’m not the kind of person that likes to talk about things like that. All my songs are about people.

‘Tennessee Orange’ is a very nice song, but if I told people who it’s about, then they would ask me who ‘Sleep on My Side’ is about. I can’t tell you that because it’s not a nice song!”

So there ya have it… kind of.

Meg also just released her debut studio album Lucky, and is currently on the road with Brooks & Dunn as an opener this summer.

“Tennessee Orange”

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