Tanya Tucker Rides A Horse Onto The Grand Ole Opry Stage

Tanya Tucker country music

Tanya Tucker has still got it.

The “Delta Dawn” singer broke onto the country music scene back in the 1970s at the age of 13 years old, and though she never really went away, what people are calling her “great country comeback” is truly a galloping success.

I mean, can’t complain much if you are riding a horse into the Grand Ole Opry, right? Based on the tweet below, it seems that Tanya might be the first ever person to pull it off on the historic stage.

Looks like they rolled out the red carpet for Tanya and the horse…

Tucker’s release of While I’m Livin’ back in 2019 solidified that the all-time country artist still had plenty left to give musically, and her new album Sweet Western Sound that just released yesterday shows that the 64-year-old artist is still evolving.

Both of Tanya’s most recent albums have had the help of the highly decorated artist Brandi Carlile, mostly being involved in the production and musical advising process.

Carlile’s recent work with the country music has undoubtedly helped both artists. A documentary titled The Return of Tanya Tucker: Featuring Brandi Carlile (released last year) showcased the mutually beneficial relationship between the two singer-songwriters.

Carlile curating both of Tucker’s last two albums for her longtime hero shows her appreciation for the country music genre. Her involvement in the writing process of Tucker’s album While I’m Livin’, as well as the recent Sweet Western Sound, shows how country music can be honored and experimented with simultaneously.

So when it came time for Tanya to celebrate her new album on country music’s most famous stage, why not ride in on horseback to match the energy of the momentous occasion? We should’ve seen it coming, since her last two albums have featured horses on the cover art…

This video from Marcus Dowling gave a little bit of a backstage look at how Tanya pulled over her Grand Ole Opry entrance. As you’ll hear once she gets out on stage, the stage operators were ready to get that horse out of there after she rode it into the spotlight.

Take a look:

I’d say that’s a pretty unique way to make an entrance, setting the bar high for her three night Nashville stop.

Tucker graced the stage of the Grand Ole Opry last night to kick off her new album release, and she’ll now go to the just as historic Ryman Auditorium for back-to-back shows tonight and tomorrow.

And so the legend continues for Tanya Tucker…

We’ll have to pay attention closely for news from the next two shows to see if she makes the “horseback entrance” a regular occurrence.

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