Miranda Lambert Reveals Her Dream Collaboration: “I Want Beyoncé”

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Miranda Lambert is a superstar on her own, but it’s always fun when she decides to team up with other artists for creative projects.

In the past, she has collaborated with Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood, Elle King, Maren Morris, Meghan Trainor and Keith Urban, and each time she’s teamed up has produced incredibly positive results and unique music. Lambert even recently paired up with genre-jumping artist Leon Bridges for a song that releases next Tuesday.

So it seems that the 3-time Grammy award winner has a good amount of flexibility of when and whom she can collaborate with at this stage in her career, and she recently let a “dream duet” slip in an interview with Andy Cohen.

On the always charismatic talk show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, both Miranda Lambert and Meghan Trainor sat down with the entertaining host.

Cohen guided his two guests through a plethora of quick questions in a segment titled “Clubhouse Quickie.” Each and every get-to-know-you question revealed interesting answers and dialogue among the two talented musical artists.

Cohen first asked Lambert:

“What was the first concert you ever attended?”

Lambert smiled and responded:

“I went to see Garth Brooks at Texas Stadium not two (but three nights), because he did three nights when I was 10 years old. It was pretty awesome.”

Sounds like three nights of alibis to me for the ole body-burier Garth Brooks

The next question from Andy asked Lambert what singer she first heard that made her want to become an artist herself.

Lambert took a second to think, then said:

“There’s so many, but I would probably say Emmylou Harris.”

The “Mama’s Broken Heart” singer then went on to say that literally any Dixie Chicks song would be her go to choice for karaoke, and also revealed that she secretly loves and binges renovation shows on HGTV.

Then came the big, most important portion of the interview. Cohen revved up and delivered the question we’ve all been wondering:

“Which artist, besides Meghan (Trainor), has been your favorite to collaborate with and who are you dying to work with next?”

Lambert took the easy route with the first part of the question considering Trainor is sitting right beside her, then gets into the juicy segment of the two-parter:

“Well, Meghan next, well, again, kind of. We sang but we didn’t write (together) yet.

Oh, who would I love collaborating with? Everybody, everybody brings something different to the table. It’s always fun and cool to meet somebody new and get some of their creativity and mix it all up.”

Lambert again gives the safe answer, but after Trainor blurts out “I want Lewis Capaldi,” the flood gates open and we get to really know what Miranda was thinking:

“I want Beyoncé.”

What a wonderful, powerful, beautifully-voiced collaboration that would be. Lambert, if you are reading this (or Beyoncé for that matter), please do everything you can to make it happen.

The full clip from Watch What Happens Live can be viewed here:

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