Sea Turtle Narrowly Escapes Chomping Jaws Of Tiger Shark Thanks To Nearby Fishing Boat

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Looks like it was this sea turtle’s lucky day…

This wildlife chase happened near the Bahamas and featured a Loggerhead sea turtle and a rather large tiger shark. Luckily for the sea turtle, this boat was in the right place at the right time and most definitely saved the sea creature’s life.

In the video, the boaters come up on some splashing out in the middle of the ocean. Unsure of what it is, they steer in the direction of unsettled waters and are surprised to see a sea turtle fighting for its life against a much larger shark.

Give the turtle some props though: it’s “in its bag” trying to get out from the grips of the tiger shark’s jaws. It appears that the shelled sea creature is using the shark’s momentum to somehow keep its own body just above the shark’s nose.

Kai Survance, one of the fishermen in the boat who posted the video on his Kai Owen Fishing YouTube page, can heard in the background repeatedly saying:

“Oh my God, no way, get the turtle, get the turtle.”

The loggerhead is way ahead of them on that one. About 20 seconds into the ocean chase down, the sea turtle attempts to use the push from the shark to hoist itself up into the back of the fishermen’s boat.

And guess what? It almost pulled it off. I’m not sure how, and I don’t know if the sea turtle has any prior boat boarding experience, but the thing certainly looked like it knew what it was doing.

However, after failing to do so, it was game on once again for the Tiger shark. The sharp teethed behemoth continued to give the sea turtle all it could handle, which prompted the boaters to step in and figure out a way to help save the poor turtle.

Eventually it looks like the shark leaves the sea turtle alone (only if it’s for a moment) and the fishermen drive the boat over and scoop the turtle into the boat. They then place the creature in the safety of the back of the boat and decide to relocate the loggerhead.

After driving away from the area, they carefully release the sea turtle back into the water, saying:

“Catch and release baby. Saved him from the tiger shark.”

Take a look at the remarkable deep sea battle and the eventual rescue below:

This whole thing happened back in 2020, but the video is making rounds on the internet again because, apparently, the story has changed.

The tweet below changes the narrative on the sea turtle and Tiger shark encounter. I would like to think that most people would watch the clip and say “yeah, that shark isn’t trying to save that turtle, it’s clearly trying to eat it.”

Instead, people seem to be taking the bait and believing that the shark is helping out an already injured sea turtle. The caption reads:

“An amazing scene captured at sea! A shark seek the help of humans to save a helpless turtle.”

Yeah, there’s no way that the shark could have injured it with its sharp teeth. Clearly the shark was trying to help hoist the sea turtle into the boat, all while the turtle seemed to be screaming its head off.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, that above paragraph is sarcastic. Thought I would make myself clear, sometimes it is hard to convey sarcasm within these articles.

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