Hilarious Video Shows Miami Heat Fans At Wedding Prematurely Celebrating Just Before The Celtics Rip Their Hearts Out With Buzzer Beater

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As the old saying goes, it’s never over until the fat lady sings.

I’m not sure that saying would be deemed as “culturally appropriate” in this day and age, so we’ll instead say for this particular example “it’s not over until the buzzer sounds.” That makes more sense for this video anyways.

If you missed it, last night the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics matched up against one another in Game 6 (of a best of 7 series) of the NBA’s eastern conference finals. The ending was one of the more dramatic finishes you’ll ever see, and led to this tragic video from what appears to be a Miami Heat fan’s wedding.

The Heat were up to a 3-0 series lead, meaning they only needed to win one more game to close out the series and head to the Finals to match up against Nikola Jokic’s Denver Nuggets team.

And they were oh-so-close to being knocked out last night if not for the miraculous ending. To summarize, the Heat’s star player Jimmy Butler knocked down three straight free throws to give his team the lead with only three seconds left remaining in the game

Here’s a video of the electric scene when Miami thought they might’ve clutched the game:

After Miami took the lead, the Celtics had a mere three seconds left with their season on the line. They drew up a play in the timeout, and then, well, this happened:

Celtics guard Marcus Smart initially misses the go-ahead three point shot, but a plethora of Boston players crashed the boards, and Derrick White managed to barely beat the buzzer with an all-time tip-in shot.

Many Heat fans and players thought that he didn’t get the shot off in time, but upon review, the shot left White’s hands milliseconds before the buzzer sounded and the shot counted.

That first shot missing is what lead to this HILARIOUS scene playing out at a Miami fan’s wedding. They failed to see the tip in shot go in and celebrated as if their team had made it to the Finals.

Take a look:

Absolutely BRUTAL.

Those at the wedding (which looks like a hell of a time) eventually realized the Heat didn’t win the game, which now leaves the Miami team in quite the conundrum.

Now, after last night’s devastating loss, the team from South Beach coached by Erik Spoelstra has lost three games in a row and the series is tied up at three games a piece. Game 7, which is set to be played tomorrow night in Boston, will now decide who gets to move on to the NBA’s championship series, and if the Celtics win, they would become the first team in NBA history to overcome a three to nothing series deficit.

If the Heat lose the next game, they could find themselves on the wrong side of history, being the first team to “blow a 3-0 lead” in the NBA playoffs. After the end to that game and with the series heading back to Boston, I’d say the momentum has swung tremendously in the Celtics favor.

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