Loose Squirrel At Yankees Game Scares The Hell Out Of Fans

Yankees squirrel

For a city known for having more rats than people, I’m shocked that these Yankees fans were terrified to see a squirrel running around in the stands.

The New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles matched up last night, and though the “Pinstripes” came out on top in extra innings 6 to 5, no one really cared about the exciting game.

All that people were really interested in was this squirrel that got loose in the stands, and this slow motion video of fans in their seats might be the best thing that’s ever come out of the game of baseball.

Now, like I mentioned earlier, I’m not really sure why those in New York reacted as if they were seeing a ghost when the squirrel runs right in front of them. Surely they’ve run into a squirrel in Central Park, or they’ve even unfortunately had a run in with a NYC rat while riding the subway.

In the video, the squirrel briefly runs atop the outfield fence, passing fans seated in the front row (and their faces are priceless). Then, the small rodent finally decides to “abort the mission” and leaps off the fence, flying down onto the warning track of the field.

The fact that the video is in slow motion makes it that much funnier, and the announcers giving play-by-play on the squirrel’s getaway is the icing on the cake.

The announcers state:

“Then he got loose. Look at the faces on the fans in slow motion. Don’t pick up your phones, you’re scared of a squirrel?

And now he’s become a flying squirrel. He sticks the landing much better than we would, I’ll tell you that. Like it’s nothing.”

That squirrel took that fall like a champ, and it did look like it briefly turned into a “flying squirrel” for a fleeting moment.

Of course, with any viral moment, the video has been passed around social media and posted thousands of times, with some adding a little “extra” to the footage, like this dramatic music that was added by the Dan Le Batard Show.

The music makes it 100 times better:

We’ve seen plenty of examples of squirrels and other wild animals breaking into stadiums and then being considered as “lucky.”

The most prominent example is the “Rally Squirrel,” which made an appearance on the St. Louis Cardinals field during the National League Divisional Series, with the Cardinals eventually going on to win the World Series in dramatic fashion.

If you aren’t familiar with the story, take a look at this video of the incident and know that things somehow swung dramatically in St. Louis’ favor after it happened:

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