Star Denver Nuggets Player Nikola Jokic Used To Drink 3 Liters Of Coca-Cola… A DAY

NIkoa JOckic
Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

Man, I miss the days as a kid and teenager, being able to drink a soda before going to practice or playing outside in 95 degree heat and not feel like absolute death.

Nowadays, if I drink a soda before sitting on the couch I feel like garbage, and I just look at the old days and think to myself:

“How in the hell did I do that?”

Of course, I was just drinking a can…

And not three liters.

With that being said, one current NBA star, Denver Nugget Nikola Jokic, used to drink Coca-Cola like it was water back in his prime. In fact, a whole three liters a day.

That’s right. A DAY…

It’s no secret that Jokic has become one of the NBA’s favorite personalities over the past few years, but this story CBS ran back in 2017 has me absolutely baffled.

Jokic willingly admitted that he had a serious Coca-Cola addiction back in the day, and cut right to the chase, saying:

“Maybe three liters (of Coke) or so. It was a lot.”

However, he admitted that he stayed away from the soda in the morning because of practice. But afterwards? It was ballgame:

“Never in the morning, because we had practices in the morning, and I could never drink before. But after practice, it was glass after glass. I couldn’t stop.”

Luckily, he admitted that by 2017 he hadn’t had a Coca-Cola in the past year and a half, and said he had his last Coke ever on his first flight to Denver.

And on top of that, he hasn’t suffered from addiction withdrawals since:

“No. Nothing. It was easy. It felt really good, actually. It was good to know I didn’t need it.”

You know what they say, to be able to overcome addiction, you must first admit you have an addiction, and Jokic stared addiction dead into the eyes and beat it.

That’s a comeback story for the ages right there.

I’d say it’s been helping, because Jokic and the Nuggets just swept LeBron James and the Lakers 4-0 in the Western Conference Finals, sealing the deal with a 113-111 comeback win in Los Angeles last night.

But needless to say, this picture makes a lot more sense now:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock