The 2023 PGA Championship Is Once Again Charging An Arm & A Leg For Beer, & Fans Are Furious

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If there is one thing that I hate with an immense passion, it is “Beerflation” at sporting events and concerts.

They get you into whatever thing you are attending, and unless you are good at hiding liquor shooters into your outfit, you are left with no choice but to pay (pardon my french) “out the a**” for a beer that you could otherwise get for a fraction of the price.

The PGA Championship, which teed off its second round earlier today in Pittsford, New York at Oak Hill Country Club, has long been called out for their steep concession prices.

Unlike the Master’s cheep beers and pimento cheese sandwiches, the PGA Championship’s high prices have actually become commonplace, and really just line up with what all other stadiums and events are doing.

Last year’s PGA Championship was also met with backlash with the PGA of America’s horrendous concession prices. Professional Golfer Justin Thomas, who actually won the event last year, wasn’t afraid to tweet this out when he heard about the high prices fans were having to pay:

“18 (!!!!!!) for a beer…uhhh, what? Gotta treat the fans better than that!”

Yeah, what he said.

You shouldn’t have to pay the same price for one beer at an event that you would pay for a 30 rack at the liquor store.

We have to come together and draw the line somewhere. Someone in one of the higher up positions has to put their foot down and say “the maximum price for beer at events is (insert reasonable price here).”

One of the early storylines from this year’s PGA Championship at Oak Hill was that America’s favorite average pro golfer (if you watched the Netflix docu-series Full Swing, you’d understand) Joel Dahmen hit someone with an errant drive and offered to pay for the fan’s beers for the rest of the day.

Dahmen handed the man a crisp 100 dollar bill, which hilariously will only cover five of the man’s beers with the steep prices.

The individual’s tweet told the story quite well, saying:

“Shoutout to Joel Dahmen for hitting my calf with a tee shot today on hole #1! He proceeds to ask me how much a beer costs at the tourney and I tell him $17 a pop.

He then pulls out a crispy $100 bill and says ‘I got your beers today.'”

100 dollars should pay for more than five beers, c’mon PGA of America…

If fans start to get priced out at events and concerts, how sad would things be? Concert and event tickets are already outrageously priced (all my homies hate TicketMaster), so why can’t we fans get a break once we get into the event?

Without beer, we wouldn’t have gotten this beautiful ad from last year’s PGA Championship where one man was living his best live watching Tiger Woods stripe a shot with a Michelob Ultra in hand and no phone in sight (except for all the other people standing around him).

As a great politician once said:

“The price of beer is too damn high!”

He actually said rent, but the subject of the sentence is interchangeable in my opinion…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock