Bald Eagle Swoops In & Snags Fish That Fisherman Tossed Back In The Water, Flies Off Into The Sunset

Feeding an eagle

July 4th is coming up fast, so make sure to save this article so you can properly celebrate the occasion by watching this video over and over again when the day comes.

It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to nature videos. Max Schroeder and his brother John were fishing out on a lake when the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself.

They had been “rippin’ lips” for a while, and as the sun set, they noticed they had gotten the attention of a bald eagle up in a nearby tree. The fish had been taking the bait all day, so they wanted to see if they could try their luck in luring in the perched bald eagle.

In the video, you can see that as the brother throws the fish back into the water, with a high toss to get the eagle’s attention. The keen-eyed eagle spots the “free meal” and quickly takes flight heading towards the splashing fish. In a matter of seconds, the eagle’s talons swoop down into the water and retrieve the fish.

Bald eagles have an extra cone in their eyes that allow them to see down into the water, even from hundreds of feet in the air. This quick-acting eagle utilized its natural ability and showed off for the camera as it snatched the fish out of the water.

After the patriotic bird captures its prey, it flies low on the water right into the sunset, making for one of the more majestic nature videos you’ll ever see. Props to these two fishermen for seeing an opportunity and giving it a shot with the camera rolling.

If I ever become President of the United States, I would want this played on a projector before any appearance that I make. You’ve got to set the tone somehow, and this video seems to scream “America, hell yeah!”

Take a look at the intelligent Eagle below as it swoops in for a free dinner:

I’m not sure if the fish is dead or not when it is thrown out to the bird, but it certainly doesn’t put up much of a fight or move a lot if it is alive.

If the fish somehow was awake when it got scooped up by the eagle, it’s at least going to have quite the view before it meets it gruesome demise.

Instagram users in the comments were astounded by how beautiful the swooping eagle was riding off into the sunset:

“I mean…that’s the most low key awesome s**t I’ve seen in a minute.”

“The ciiiiiirclllle of liiiiiiiife!”

“Fly high.”

“Wow! So cool and a beautiful sunset.”


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