Boy Named Banjo’s Latest Single “What Keeps Me Going” Is The Feel-Good Anthem We All Need

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David McClister

Boy Named Banjo is back with their new single “What Keeps Me Going,” and it’s just what you need to help you get through the week.

Just weeks after the five-piece Nashville outfit made their Grand Ole Opry debut, Boy Named Banjo opted to keep the momentum going with an all around feel good tune that exudes a positive perspective and encourages listeners to be grateful for the things that keep them going.

Written by banjo player Barton Davies and guitar/harmonica slinger William Reames, along with songwriter Pat McLaughlin (who’s written songs for names like Trisha Yearwood and Alan Jackson), “What Keeps Me Going” is a direct response to many of the negative events that have transpired over the last several years.

In a press release from their team at Mercury Nashville, the Boy Named Banjo guys elaborated a bit on what their latest single means to them.

According to Davies:

“‘What Keeps Me Going’ is essentially our answer to the question, ‘What is important to us?’

We wrote this song as we were coming out of the pandemic and reflecting on how that whole experience had shifted our focus. Like many others during that time, we found the most meaning from the simplest things – being outside, watching the sun go down, going fishing, and spending quality time with our loved ones.

That’s what kept us going then and what keeps us going today.”

And in a post to the band’s Instagram account to promote the song’s release, they provided some more insight into the song and how it ended up being recorded.

“What Keeps Me Going is all about the things in life that pull us through the hard times. Whether that’s friends, family, love, faith, nature, music – it’s different for everyone, but we all need that something.

When we were in the studio back in February, we nearly overlooked this song. At the end of the session, we had time to record one more, but we were having trouble agreeing on the same song. Finally, we landed on What Keeps Me Going.

As soon as we listened back in the control room for the first time, we knew we had something. Now it’s a single. Kinda makes us wonder if it’s something people need right now. Who knows. All we can say is that we’re really proud of it and hope y’all connect to it. As always, thank you for listening and supporting your banjo boys!”

So without further ado, check out Boy Named Banjo’s newest single “What Keeps Me Going.”

With origins that date back well over a decade, several longstanding members of the band played together frequently throughout their high school and college years, building an unmistakable rapport with one another that is obvious in their chemistry on stage together.

While these guys have been around for a bit, the years spent honing their craft are paying off as they seem to really be hitting their stride over the last couple of years.

The band’s most recent album Circles, released in 2021, garnered them high praise from critics, fans, and other artists in the music industry, ultimately landing them a touring spot in support of Kip Moore.

Among other impressive opening spots, like dates with Old Crow Medicine Show and Hank Williams Jr., and a handful of big time festival slots, Boy Named Banjo actively tours as a headlining act and puts on one of the most underrated shows in all of country music.

And in other recent news, aside from their big Grand Ole Opry debut, Boy Named Banjo was featured on longtime fan Chase Rice’s recent record I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go to Hell.

So if you’re looking to hear some more Boy Named Banjo tunes, check out their Chase Rice collaboration below, as well as a few more of my favorite songs of theirs over the years.

“Goodnight Nancy”

“Good Feel”

“Feel for You”

“Blue Hole Bridge”

“Stumbling Through the West”

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