Ernest’s Beautiful New Song “Takes After You” Celebrates His Wife, And Moms Everywhere, Just In Time For Mother’s Day

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Courtesy of Big Loud Records

The perfect Mother’s Day song does, in fact, exist.

Today, Ernest released “Takes After You,” which is a very sweet and personal tune inspired by his wife Delaney and their young son Ryman.

He says he first came up with the idea after watching someone talk to Johnny Cash in a video, and he immediately resonated with the concept of his son taking after his wife and hoping he ends up just like her one day:

“I heard someone talking to Johnny Cash in a video. They said ‘Johnny I’ve known ya a long time. I got a son now, and if he don’t take after Jesus, I’d be quite alright if he took after you.’

So I immediately thought, I couldn’t agree more with Ryman and Delaney. She is the most humble, kind, empathetic, nature loving, giving, selfless, and downright wholesome human I know.

The things she’ll teach Ryman in this life by her actions will transcend anything he’ll learn in a building.”

Ernest continued, saying that he’s let his own “wild side” win many times in life, and hopes his son can learn from his mistakes as much as possible:

“I want to instill in him a knowing of God and the importance of gratitude and faith. My wild side has won too many times and I hope by my mistakes I can help him avoid some.

But like the song says, if he don’t take after Jesus, I hope he takes after you.”

He also put out a precious new music video, which features footage of Ryman and Delaney in the studio, as well as some cute footage from around their farm.

I’m sure this one will pull at the heartstrings of parents everywhere, but especially all the wonderful mama’s who give so much and deserve to be celebrated every day.

And with Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, it couldn’t be a more fitting time to release such a personal and beautiful song:

“Takes After You”

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