Kansas Game Wardens Have To Remind Residents Not To “Fish With A Gun”

Northern Pike duck lure

There’s a reason why “bow fishing” is an actual thing and “gun fishing” isn’t.

Game Wardens in Garden City, Kansas were shocked when they came upon a person who was using a 9 millimeter handgun to try and catch (or kill) fish in the water. The person who was caught by the game wardens was not identified as a man or woman.

In a Facebook post, the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Game Wardens made a statement that they had ticketed the gun fisherman for both using illegal means to capture fish and not having a fishing license. If you are dumb enough to hunt fish with a gun, you are also very likely to not have a fishing license as well.

The post by the Game Wardens stated:

“On May 2nd, the Finney County Game Warden seized a 9mm handgun that was being used to take fish in Garden City. Violations written were ‘Illegal Means of Take for Fish’ and ‘No Fishing License.’ As a reminder firearms are not a legal means to take fish.

Also, non-sport fish may be taken only with fishing pole and line, trot lines, set lines, gig, crossbow or bow and arrow with a line attached.

Shooting at a body of water can be a dangerous activity because bullets can ricochet off the surface of the water.”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think I have too much faith in the intelligence of others. Like the post says, bullets can easily ricochet off the water and put others in the area in harm’s way. The person gun fishing is lucky that no one else was hurt.

Plus, what the hell is wrong with just casting a line out on the water? And if you are wanting to bring the excitement of using a firearm into the sport of fishing, bow fishing is right there for the taking.

The whole story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, which is pretty easy to say considering that the person trying to use a pistol to fish lacked a lot of common sense as well.

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