Justin Moore’s New “Better Slow” Is An Important Reminder To Live In The Moment

Justin Moore country music
Cody Villalobos

Gotta slow down and appreciate the moments that we have.

That’s the message behind “Better Slow,” one of the standout tracks on Justin Moore‘s new album Stray Dog.

From the first time I heard the album, I knew this song would speak to people with its reminder that it’s not always about hurrying through life or thinking about what’s next: Sometimes we need to just slow down and live in the moment:

“Some things like a ride in papaw’s truck
Some things like a deer stand sun comin’ up
Some things you don’t need faster
Like a tractor blockin’ the road
Some things you ain’t gonna get back
Some things, you better make ’em last
Some things are worth soakin’ in
Cause you just never know
Like the hug you give you mama right before you go
Some things are better slow”

Justin told Whiskey Riff in an exclusive interview that the song was partially inspired by the experience of him and his wife having to make the decision to put down their beloved family dog:

“We wrote that song right around the time that my wife and I had to make the decision to put our 16-year old dog down, which was difficult as a grown-up for the first time. I had dealt with that as a kid but my parents made that decision, and for us to have to do that for the first time was tough.

So there’s a line in there alluding to that, and that’s what it always makes me think of.

But I think a lot of times we’re always looking forward to the next thing…

And I think we miss out on today worrying about tomorrow. And I think that song kind of speaks to that. Kinda, ‘Be where your feet are.’”

Written by Justin along with Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana and Jeremy Stover, Justin said this is one song that he had to fight to get on the new album. He describes playing the song for Big Machine Records label head Scott Borchetta:

“Scott was high on another song, and we said, “Let us play you this other song.” We went out to my producer’s truck and played it, and he said, “Yep, that’s it. Let’s go record it.””

The song hits on moments that so many can relate to, from wishing away 19 and 20 just to get to 21, to the absolutely gut-wrenching line about “how you pet your dog that’s barely holdin’ on after 12 years on the porch.”

As someone had to deal with the loss of several close loved ones over the past year, this song rings especially true as a reminder to enjoy the moments that you’re given and stop always looking ahead.

As Justin said: Be where your feet are. Because some things are just better slow.

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