Coyote Smokes A Turkey Decoy, Goes Straight For The Neck

Coyote attack

This coyote thought it had everything figured out.

Life sometimes does that to you though. Just when you think you are about to bag a nice turkey for the Thanksgiving table, you embarrass yourself. This coyote could barely contain its excitement when it saw the turkey standing in the opening of the woods, but it turns out that there was a good reason the turkey wasn’t moving.

The old saying “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” was taught to the coyote on this day, and now the thing will second guess any hunt it ever goes on. I don’t have a ton of sympathy to spare for these wild canines, but I do feel a touch of second hand embarrassment for this coyote.

It seems like this is the human equivalent of waving back at someone who is actually waving at someone behind you. For some reason that really hurts, even though like this coyote attacking the decoy, it’s very much instinctual.

The video of the decoy attack is set to the song “Coming in Hot” by Lecrae and Andy Mineo, and for good reason. This coyote went by the book for this entire encounter, slowly approaching the decoy, patiently prowling, and waiting for the right time to pounce.

The only thing it failed to do was verify that its target was an actual living turkey, but it finds that out pretty fast after grabbing the decoy by the neck and tackling it to the ground.

The slow motion footage shows the wild animal springing towards the turkey decoy and throwing on the brakes once it comes into contact with its neck. As it skids across the ground with the turkey in its teeth, you can tell that it is thinking “something isn’t right.”

Once the coyote realizes the mistake, it “aborts the mission” and takes off away from the decoy. You have to think it will probably keep this incident to itself if it can.

Coyotes usually travel and live in family groups, and if this mistake ever got back to the others, I’m sure they would be left “howling” in laughter.

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