Tourists In Hawaii Follow GPS Directions & Drive Straight Into The Harbor

GPS fail

How is this even possible?

The shocking video shows the aftermath after two tourists somehow drove their minivan straight into a harbor in Hawaii. How did they manage to do that?

Apparently because their GPS told them to.

I always do my best to practice empathy and put myself in the shoes of others, but my brain simply cannot understand how you would willingly drive your car into a body of water. No one person should have so much faith in their global positioning system. Something should kick in within your brain and say “I don’t think this is right, we probably shouldn’t drive our vehicle into this harbor.”

Maybe she thought the water would part like the Red Sea or how secret passageways open up in spy movies? Is it possible that she thought her minivan was a duck boat?

There is really no telling what was going through this driver’s mind, and it makes it worse that someone was in the passenger seat and was just along for the ride.

For all the people that are saying “self-driving cars would be dangerous,” I present to you this story as a counterargument.

Sure, I’ll concede that an autonomous vehicle might have also followed the GPS directions into the water, but at least you could blame it on the car and not the (idiot) driver.

A sailboat crew that happened to be close to the boat ramp that the car drives into jumps into action and quickly works to secure the safety of the car’s passengers. The men use ropes to tie to various parts of the vehicle to buy themselves time to retrieve the two people who drove themselves into the water.

The two passengers are eventually rescued, but the minivan slowly drifts deeper and deeper into the water. I will say, it’s rather comical to see the car’s windshield wipers still going as it literally sinks into the harbor.

The person videoing the scene leaves viewers with some rather obvious yet hilarious commentary as the minivan sinks into the harbor’s water:

“Pretty sure that wasn’t supposed to happen.

I think they just drove straight into the water, I’m not sure.”

If this story sounded somewhat familiar to you, it’s probably because you might’ve watched the exact same thing unfold on the hit comedy TV show The Office.

The iconic scene shows Michael Scott (played by Steve Carrell) following the car’s GPS system with blind faith and driving straight into Lake Scranton.

Seems as though the driver would’ve been better off if she had just watched this episode and learned from Michael Scott’s mistakes…

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