Nebraska Football Moms Got To Tackle Their Sons At A “Tackle My Son” Event, & Fans Are Loving It

Nebraska football

Now this is a great idea.

College football fans are loving this event that the Nebraska football team just pulled off. In an event surrounding the spring football game and in an effort to grow the family atmosphere at Nebraska, the team kicked off a “Tackle My Son” event.

Mothers of Nebraska football players we’re invited to the University to train and then tackle their sons. A funny part of the video showed Nebraska’s “Tackling 101” coach telling the crowd of moms about not abusing the tackling experience they were about to learn:

“These skillsets will not be used on any person for these specific reasons: not doing any house work when they get home, forgetting special dates, not listening, and the last one is not enough compliments.”

Sounds like football players at Nebraska returning home for breaks will be on their best behavior now that their mom’s know the proper tackling form.

The mothers then get walked through a literal film session on the correct form of tackling and methodology behind different forms. Coaches then jokingly say that they will be judging the Nebraska mom’s tackling forms and techniques.

The video changes scenery and then shows the “newly coached” trainees suiting up in the locker room. One of the mothers even asks if they will get to where eye-black for when they take the field.

After some photo ops, the moms (in full pads and helmets) begin to hone in on their tackling.

Around the three minute mark, the mother’s start throwing blocks on the practice dummies and finish off the drill by tackling their sons into padded cushions.

Some of the moms take it easy on their sons, but you can tell that others might’ve had some pent up aggression towards their offspring.

Judges to the side grade the tackles as the football mom’s exact their revenge on their football playing sons.

Watch the hilarious event below:

The video was posted on Nebraska Football’s Twitter account, and fans were loving the idea of football moms throwing on the pads and giving out some big hits:

Based on some of the tackles in the video, newly announced Head Coach for the Cornhuskers Matt Rhule might want to put some of these moms on the depth chart.

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