Missouri Man Reels In Massive 4-Foot Prehistoric Sturgeon On The River

Chandler Tudor

It’s too bad this fortunate fisherman had to throw this one back…

Chandler Lee Tudor was fishing for catfish in the Gasconade River in Missouri and ended up reeling in a “prehistoric” fish instead.

The angler was using worms as bait to lure in catfish in the area around the Riddle Bridge Access, but this massive four foot sturgeon took the bait.

These fish have existed for over 120 million years, sharing the Earth with the dinosaurs at one point. Though the four foot fish that Tudor was quite the catch, sturgeons have been known to grow twice as large and even weigh over 300 pounds.

The Missouri Department of Conservation posted a picture of Tudor’s impressive catch and gave some additional information about the “prehistoric catch.”

Their Facebook post reads:

“Chandler Lee Tudor hooked and landed this 4-foot lake sturgeon out of the Gasconade River in Pulaski County earlier this week. Tudor was using worms as bait attempting to catch a catfish as he was fishing at the Riddle Bridge Access.

Lake sturgeon are large, prehistoric fish that occur in the Missouri and Mississippi river systems. They can grow to lengths of 8 feet and weigh up to 300 pounds!

Lake sturgeon are protected as an endangered species in Missouri and must be returned to the water if captured. After a quick picture to document the catch, this fish was immediately released back into the Gasconade River.”

Good to know that Chandler Tudor threw it back considering it is an endangered species in the state, but you also kind of feel for him you know?

If you caught a fish that can be traced all the way back to dinosaur times, mounting the thing somewhere in your house would make quite the conversation piece.

At least he got the photo of it before Tudor had to return it to the water, and hopefully Tudor reeled in some catfish on the trip as well.

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