Tennessee Couple Go Night Fishing After Their Junior Prom, Catch Massive 7lb Walleye

TN Wildlife Resources Agency

This all but confirms that your high school prom date usually makes you fall “hook, line, and sinker” in love.

The young couple celebrated their junior prom by going night fishing after the dance and MaryJo Mattingly caught a whopping seven pound walleye.

Most young people party on their prom nights, but these high school sweethearts took the party to the lake and reeled in quite the fish.

The fish was so large that the state even recognized the massive catch. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency posted about the young couple’s prom night fishing endeavor on their Facebook page.

The post reads:

“Big Fish Alert!

MaryJo Mattingly and Luke Lankford of Anderson County High School went night fishing on Melton Hill Lake after their junior prom and she caught this 7.06 lbs. walleye.

Note she still has her makeup and nails on!”

Now that is a keeper (in both senses of the word).

MaryJo Mattingly and Luke Lankford might have this whole relationship thing figured out. I think I saw on a sign at a marina once “couples who fish together, stay together,” so the young pair is on the right track.

Shoutout for MaryJo for reeling in 7 pound walleye with her press on nails from prom still on. It seems like the couple would’ve been fine just skipping the whole dance and heading straight to Melton Hill Lake. The fish doesn’t hold a candle to the state record 25 pound walleye, but I’d say this catch will be just as memorable.

The comments below the post give me some hope that social media isn’t all that bad:

“You better marry that young lady, young man! That is the real catch…”

“Two wonderful young people. World needs a lot more of kids like this. Way to go!”

“I love this! What a wonderful Junior prom Tennessee memory! He’s one lucky guy”

“Congratulations! That girl is a keeper!”

Here’s to MaryJo and Luke! May they live (and rip lips) happily ever after.

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