‘Yellowstone’ Actresses Weigh In On The Glamour Of Filming: “Literally Covered In Sh*t From Head To Toe”

Teeter Yellowstone

It’s no secret that each and every star in Yellowstone has benefitted from the massive success of the show, whether it’s been Yellowstone, 1923, or 1883.

However, production for the show isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and that success hasn’t been brought to them with no hard work.

It’s well known that Taylor Sheridan’s “cowboy camp,” which is basically a cowboy boot camp to get the actors familiar with roping and riding ahead of filming, is pretty intense.

It’s also pretty well known that filming shows like 1883 was brutal. Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill all confessed to tough outdoor conditions, whether it was the the Texas heat, the Montana cold, or overall, just the long days in the elements.

With that being said, a few of the female Yellowstone stars recently sat down for an interview with People, including Kelsey Asbille (Monica), Jen Landon (Teeter), Aminah Nieves (Teonna Rainwater), Piper Perabo (Summer Higgins), and Julia Schlaepfer (Alexandra), to discuss the sometimes difficult conditions they film in for the show.

Landon told the outlet she spent a lot of time literally covered in crap:

“At the end of some days, it’s like, what’s the point? Because you were in cow poo poo all day and you’re going to be in cow poo poo the next day.

There were days when we were literally covered in sh*t from head to toe.

Asbille added:

“There’s usually dirt and blood involved. Those are heavy days and because she’s really going through it.”

Perabo also said:

“I wipe the blood off with a hot washcloth and I go home.

In case I have to stop and get gas or something, it’s hard to explain in the little town where we work, if your face is covered in blood, one of those guys will ask if you need some help.”

Nieves also weighed in on how you just have to keep pushing when you’re covered up head to toe:

“You want to get the shot and you’re not really thinking about it too much. I enjoyed it. I don’t know. I like the dirt, the grime.”

Schlaepfter also discussed how playing Alexandra Dutton in 1923 helped bring out the best actress in herself, despite the dirt:

“We are so dirty at the end of every filming day, but it is the greatest feeling in the world. I’m used to being very dirty and soaking wet and riding horses, so it’s so much fun to get all glammed up and dressed up.

To put on these beautiful clothes and feel confident and feel sexy is such a nice switch up and something I don’t do every day.”

Needless to say, filming a Taylor Sheridan show is no walk in the park.

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