Michigan Family Has To Call Police After Deer Crashes Through Window, Jumps On The Bed

Michigan deer

I’ll never forget walking through my college campus freshman year, talking with some friends, when all of a sudden a massive buck comes sprinting through the campus, visibly spooked.

It started charging right as us, and then took a 90 degree turn and jumped straight through one of the windows of the student center.

Needless to say, I learned right then and there to always keep your head on a swivel, because who would’ve ever thought a rogue deer would’ve been sprinting through a campus with hundreds and hundreds of kids walking around?

Definitely not me.

So, I can honestly say I can empathize with these homeowners right here in Michigan, who heard a deer smash through their window, jump on a bed, and went absolutely nuts.

It all went down in Bay County, Michigan, when the Sheriff’s Office responded to a strange call about a wild deer going nuts inside a house.

The Sheriff’s Office recounted the wild scene in a Facebook post:

“A little after 4 pm this afternoon, a Monitor Township family of 5 experienced a breaking and entering that they won’t soon forget!

While the husband, wife, and their three children were home minding their own business, they suddenly heard their front window smash and to their surprise found a deer running around their home! After a call to 911, deputies responded to assist in apprehending the ‘suspect.’

Deputy Austin Jobes was first on scene and was able to locate the suspect deer in a bedroom of the home. Shortly after, Lt Latocki, Deputy Judd, Deputy Dittenber, and Lt Chlebowski arrived on the scene as backup.

The deputies were able to lure the deer out of the bedroom and while blocking off all other rooms, convince it to run out the front door. Luckily, neither the deer nor deputies were injured and the family opted not to press charges. Proof that there is no ‘ordinary day’ in law enforcement.”

I mean my God, I’d feel like I was living in a nightmare if I was this family.

Imagine just hanging out in the house with your four family members, and next thing you know a deer is basically sitting in your lap, and going nuts down the halls.

Wild stuff, no doubt.

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