Video Of A Spider Weaving Its Web Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

spider web

I feel like spider webs get a bad rap, do they not?

If they show up in the corners of your house, its “a mess.”

If you walk through one and it gets tangled up in your face, it “ruins your day.”

If you happen to be a bug and you fly into it, it “costs you your life.”

Okay that last one has a bad rap for a good reason, but all of that being said, this video might change your outlook on the spider web.

Spiders take pride in the webs they create. Most people think that the spider web they leave behind is a purely functional trap, but spiders actually have a sense of design and some will make their creations incredibly intricate.

Spiders are a pretty divisive creature. Some people are absolutely terrified of them (arachnophobia) and will ball up in a corner if they see them. Others feel pretty indifferent about them and just go on with their lives.

A select few will watch this video and consider them to be some of the best artists on the planet.

This sped up footage showcases the meticulous and mindful practice of spinning a spider web. We usually only get to see the final creation that spiders leave behind or utilize to catch bugs, but this video allows the viewer to see the beginning-to-end process that the 8-legged-arachnid takes to create its own spider web.

It’s truly amazing to see the small spider lay out each portion of its insect trap. The beautiful creation was enough to change the mind of the person who took the video (I apologize for the NSFW name of the Twitter account), stating:

“Ok, I hate spiders but this little guy is super talented!”

I don’t know if I’ve been that mesmerized by a video involving a spider this much since I saw Spiderman: No Way Home on its opening weekend.

The video is poetic in a sense. If you played Beethoven’s “Symphony Number Nine” behind the video, it is incredibly relaxing.

For the country music lovers (if you are on this site, you most likely are), you can substitute Beethoven for “There Goes” by Alan Jackson if you wish.

It works wonderfully too, and is even spider-themed itself.

Consider how much time it took for that spider to space out and plan out that web. Now think about what you do when you see one: you knock it down with a broom.

No wonder spiders can sometimes seem upset or hostile towards us. It just spent an hour creating a masterpiece and we just smack it down with the same thing we use to sweep the bathroom floor.

I’m hoping this video of the methodical and artful web spinning might change your mind about spiders. They aren’t all that bad, and they certainly know how to lay out a hell of a web.

If you were trying to recall that Alan Jackson song I mentioned earlier, here it is:

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