Charles Barkley Firmly Says That Cats Aren’t Real Pets On Live TV: “Just Something Old Women Have”

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As Eric Church once said…

“I believe that dogs, are better than cats…”

Sounds like ol’ Chuck is on board too…

We’ve seen Charles Barkley say some outrageous things as an analyst on Inside the NBA.

From calling out congress for focusing on the President’s “classified documents,” ripping the NBA for playoff games starting at 10:30 PM ET, accidentally saying wild comments like “I’m kind of juggling two balls,” the list goes on and on.

The guy doesn’t hold back and has never been afraid to speak his mind, and that’s why we continue watching.

But this comment right here? This may be the least wild comment I’ve heard him say in the past year.

While on Inside the NBA, Barkley didn’t hold back his feelings about cats as pets.

He hilariously said:

“A cat is not a real pet.”

Kenny Smith asked him to elaborate more on that, and he kept his response short and sweet:

“Because it’s not a dog.”

Barkley later added:

“I don’t dislike cats, I just don’t think they’re real pets… a dog is a real pet. Just stop it.”

Smith then asked him what a cat is, and that’s when it gets real interesting:

“Just something old women have.”

FINALLY… somebody said it on live TV.

This is a hill I will die on, and I will forever believe that a dog is much more of a pet than a cat is.

If you like cats, good for you, but cats are incredibly standoff-ish, and aren’t nearly as loveable as dogs are. And here’s the real kicker, anytime someone says something positive about their cat, trying to convince you just how good their cat is, what do that say?

“He’s just like a dog.”

Yup… game, set, match. Dogs are better than cats… end of discussion.

You can watch this absolute comedic gold unfold below:

Cue up the “Before She Does.”


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