Luke Grimes Plays Unreleased Song From Forthcoming Debut Album At Very First Headlining Live Show

Luke Grimes country music
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Luke Grimes looked like a natural on stage at his first live headlining show.

He had his first official concert at the Pub Station Ballroom in Billings, Montana last Friday, and from what I can hear in the video below, he sounds pretty much the same live as he does on the singles he’s put out thus far.

And in case you’ve been living under a rock and somehow missed it, the Yellowstone star also known as Kayce Dutton is jumping into country music, and has already confirmed that he has a debut record coming very soon.

Luke signed a record deal with Universal Music Group Nashville last year, and has been writing with some absolutely brilliant songwriters, like Jessi Alexander, Jon Randall and Brent Cobb (just to name a few) over the last several months, in order to put together his new project.

Actually, he co-wrote all except for just two songs that will be featured on the tracklist. Though we don’t know exactly how many songs will be featured quite yet, that’s pretty damn impressive for someone who has never really done this in a professional capacity before, especially considering the songs he’s put out so far are pretty damn good.

Luke previously noted legends like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson as inspirations, and I think it’s safe to say he certainly has respect for the genre that is already coming through very authentically.

But of course, the true test of his pure and raw talent was always going to be how it worked at a live show, because if you’re a country music fan reading this, then you already know that concerts and seeing an artist live is the bread and butter of this industry.

And since Luke had his very first live show last week since he kicked off this whole country music endeavor, we now have video of him performing an unreleased song seemingly titled “Let It Burn” for a packed crowd in his now home state of Montana.

Not only does he sound great live, he looks like a total pro and natural on stage… honestly, I would’ve never guessed it was his first concert if I didn’t know any better and just randomly stumbled across this not knowing who he was or any other background.

Check it out:

And I know this is only one video of one song, but he seems to really have what it takes to pull off going from an actor to a real deal country artist.

Make no mistake about it, that’s no easy thing to do…

We should be able to get a great idea for what more we can expect from him this summer too, as he’s scheduled to play at some great festivals including Stagecoach next weekend, Pilgrimage Festival, Under The Big Sky Festival, Greenville Country Music Fest and quite a few more, so I’m really looking forward to watching his music career and seeing where it goes from here.

Luke also dropped “Hold On” this past Friday, and hopefully, we’re getting really close to an official album announcement and release date:

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