Watch Florida Police Officers Pull Live Bobcat Out Of Car Grille

Bobcat police

Have you ever seen a wild, angry bobcat pulled out from a car’s front grille?

Prepare yourself, because you are about to.

Sheriff Deputies in Wisconsin were shocked on Tuesday night when they got a 911 call from a woman reporting that a bobcat was in her car.

Officers were confused as to how the bobcat could have found its way into the vehicle, and as the body cam footage shows, the big cat wasn’t actually inside the car.

Rather, it was somehow inside the Toyota’s grille.

Sheriff Mike Lukas shared the animal encounter that occurred around 10 p.m. that night on Facebook and described how it was quite the shocking experience for the first responders.

Lukas wrote:

“Ok this is a first, dispatch gets a caller stating, ‘I have a bobcat in my car.’
You can only imagine what everyone was thinking at the time, so when they dispatched over the radio numerous deputies were curious.”
The deputies had every right to be curious. A bobcat being in a car is something you don’t see everyday, and more something from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (it was a puma in the movie, but close enough).
The Sheriff went on in the Facebook post to describe how himself and his team handled the report and what they saw when they arrived at the scene:
“So, Deputies Selvey, Stanton and Ashbeck responded to the location to investigate.
As you can imagine the shock they were in when low and behold there was a bobcat in the vehicle.
My deputies are really good at solving problems but this one baffled them so we called in reinforcements with Conservation Warden Bryan Lockman.”
After calling for backup, the conservation warden came in and handled the removal of the viscous big cat with ease. Seems like it was “just another Tuesday night” for Wisconsin warden Bryan Lockman.
In the video, the deputies can be heard commenting on the large size of the bobcat, along with its massive paws. It is not clear as to how the bobcat became trapped inside the grille of the car or how long it had been stuck there before the officers responded.
The Sheriff added:
“As you can see on the bodycam footage Warden Lockman was a pro at getting the critter out and in his truck and returned it to the wild.”
Let me tell you, that bobcat was not happy whatsoever as it gets wrangled into the back of the truck.
I’m sure it would have been more understanding if it knew it was being returned to the wild, but I guess it has the right to be a little flustered after spending part of the night in the grille of a car.
As crazy as the whole situation was, the responders and the warden were able to successfully remove the big cat from the car and get it on its way back to the wild.
Sheriff Mike Lukas hilariously wrapped up his Facebook post regarding the incident with this:
“All in a day’s work at the Portage County Sheriff’s Office and the Wisconsin DNR.”
The wild (in both senses of the word) animal encounter body camera footage can be seen below:

That is one mad bobcat.

The whole story is great, don’t get me wrong, but I would still like to know:

-How the bobcat got stuck in there in the first place?

-What the woman’s initial reaction was when she surprisingly discovered a wild animal was stuck in the front of her car?

-What the bobcat looked like as it got out of the truck it was moved to? I’m sure by the end of the night it was “so done” with vehicular transportation.

Probably won’t have any of those questions answered, but still thought they were worth sharing…

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