Monster Alligator Cannibalizes Smaller Gator


Gator on gator crime.

Apparently this video was filmed near the start of alligator mating season, which may help to explain the violence between the two reptilian creatures.

It seems as though the larger gator wanted to establish some territorial dominance for any other challengers that might be in the area. states that the average male alligator can cover some pretty expansive ground:

“A male alligator of 9 feet can own a territory of about 2 square miles and could also have about 10-15 females in his territory, along with their children. 

A male alligator of 12-14 feet could have up to 3 square miles and have even more females within his territory.”

That is both a lot of territory and a lot of partners. Seems like there would be enough alligators to go around, but apparently not in the animal kingdom.

The video begins with the smaller alligator laying belly-up on the bank, with the massive alligator slowly emerging from the water.

It appears that the smaller alligator had already been injured prior to the video being recorded, so it didn’t stand a chance against the advancing gator.

The larger alligator climbs up to the laying gator’s head and chomps down with incredible force. Some small movements come from the smaller’s alligator afterwards, but its clear the monster gator has full control.

Just for safekeeping, the larger alligator pulls its prey into the water and pulls out the death roll move on it. The clip that the bystander captures might be the best “death roll” footage I’ve ever seen.

The caption on the post from Nature Is Metal went into more detail about the interaction between the two alligators:

“In the competition for mates, the aggressor will have one less challenger. Who knows, there might even be girls watching him take this poor guy apart.

Displays of strength and dominance are also a large part of the mating song and dance, and can only help this guy pass on his genes…

Sometimes they attack smaller alligators out of nowhere, just because. Since this clip started well after the initial contact, all I can really do is guess.”

Its pretty intimidating to see the sheer power that these prehistoric creatures can possess.

Plus, try to name another animal that has a “signature move” like the alligator does.

You can’t.

The death roll has to be the best “finisher” on the entire planet, and not only is it effective, it sends a message to all of the other predators around the gator’s territory. This alligator is without a doubt the alpha-male of the area.

But I will say…seems like the monster gator could pick on someone his own size.

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