In Honor Of Shiner’s New BBQ Joint, Here’s My Top 10 Country Songs That Tip The Cap To Shiner Beer

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If you’ve never had a cold Shiner Bock, then you’re just missing out.

The iconic beer has long been a staple in the great state of Texas, and over the years has become available in almost every state for all to enjoy. Spoetzl Brewing, the company behind the legendary beverage, was founded in 1909, and has been making Shiner Bock since 1913.

Located in Shiner, TX, a small town about an hour and a half drive from both San Antonio and Austin, the Spoetzl Brewery has been creating, brewing, and selling its spectacular beers for well over a century. With around ten beers that are year-round products and several seasonal products that come and go throughout the year, Spoetzl Brewery brings in tons of avid Shiner drinkers looking to tour the facility where the magic happens.

And while the beers are obviously the main attraction, patrons can now enjoy Spoetzl’s brand new barbecue restaurant, K. Spoetzl BBQ Co., as well.

Eater Austin, a dining guide for Texas’ capital city and the surrounding area, took to Instagram to advertise the restaurant’s opening earlier this month.

“Spoetzl Brewery, the company behind Shiner Beer, added another essential Texas element to its arsenal this month: a barbecue restaurant. K. Spoetzl BBQ Co., whose name is a nod to Kosmos Spoetzl, Shiner’s founder and original brewmaster, opened earlier this month in Shiner, Texas.”

And in case you’re as curious as I was about what is included on the menu, Spoetzl Brewery posted a picture of it on Instagram.

I mean, Shiner Bock and Texas BBQ might just be one of the best drink and food combos out there.

I’ve been wanting to check out Spoetzl Brewing and Shiner, TX for a while now, and the addition of K. Spoetzl BBQ Co. knocks it even higher up on my list. But aside from the beer itself and the new BBQ endeavor, one of the coolest things about Shiner Bock is how it seems to have become the official beer of Texas country music.

Not being from the Lonestar State myself, I hadn’t heard of the beer until I got into the state’s music and heard Shiner Bock being name-dropped frequently. I know Texans are crazy about their Shiner, so it makes sense that it would be popular in the music scene, but it’s still cool how the somewhat local favorite has become immortalized through Texas country music.

So in honor of my favorite beer, the Spoetzl Brewery that makes it, and their new K. Spoetzl BBQ Co., here are 10 of my favorite songs that mention Shiner Bock, featuring Texas legends Robert Earl Keen, Gary P. Nunn, Pat Green, and many more. Check them out here:

10. “99 Bottles” – Zane Williams – The Right Place (2009)

“On a day hot enough to make the Devil cuss
I walked into a bar so thirsty I was spittin’ dust
Barkeep asked me what’ll it be?
I said whatcha got? He said well let’s see, we got

Lone Star, PBR, Rolling Rock, Shiner Bock
Moose Drool, O’Doul’s, Hefeweizen, Ziegenbock…”

9. “Amarillo Highway” – Robert Earl Keen – #2 Live Dinner (2004)

This one would be quite a bit higher on the list if it weren’t the only version of the Terry Allen Texas country anthem that mentioned Shiner. But despite it not being included in the original lyrics, this one is too good to leave out.

“I don’t wear no Stetson
But I’m willin’ to bet, son
That I’m a big a Texan as you are
There’s a girl in her bare feet
‘Sleep on the back seat
And that trunk’s full of Shiner Bock and Lonestar…”

8. “Roadtrip” – Gary P. Nunn – Roadtrip (1984)

“Bring another Shiner Bock
Looking like a Luckenback good time Saturday night”

7. “Damn Good Goodbye” – Mike Ryan – Blink You’ll Miss It (2017)

“So we drank a case of shiner
And all my daddy’s maker’s mark
Pull them speakers on the back porch
Sat around and smoked cigars
We sang along and laughed ’til dawn
And watched that red sunrise
That was a damn good goodbye…”

6. “I Like Texas” – Pat Green – Dancehall Dreamer (1995)

“Yeah well I like Texas
Ain’t it fine here
I like to pick my guitar down at Luckenbach
And drink that Shiner Bock beer
Yeah well I like Texas
Man there ain’t no doubt
Just listen to me cause I know what I’m talkin about…”

5. “Good One Comin’ On” – Blackberry Smoke – Little Piece of Dixie (2009)

“Two six packs of Shiner
99 cent butane lighter
Lucky Strikes and a fifth of Patron
Ice down that Igloo cooler
Tank of gas that oughta do er’
I can feel a good one comin’ on…”

4. “Stomping Grounds” – Flatland Cavalry – Humble Folks (2016)

“I’ll be out in the backyard with the porch light on
Sipping on a Shiner
All my friends in the background passing round a guitar
Around a bonfire
Drink the night away while the radio plays some old Charlie Daniels song
Oh, you can find me there…”

3. “My Texas” – Josh Abbott Band ft. Pat Green – Small Town Family Dream (2012)

“If you haven’t climbed up to Enchanted Rock,
Drank a cold Shiner down in Luckenbach,
Taken your baby to the River Walk,
Then you ain’t met my Texas yet….”

2. “San Antone” – Randy Rogers Band – Nothing Shines Like Neon (2016)

“Where I come from, those cowboys know
Just how to roll right with the flow
Shiner Bock and dominoes
And Reckless on the radio…”

1. “Somewhere Down in Texas” – Jason Boland and the Stragglers – Pearl Snaps (2001)

“When I look south and see the storm clouds roll
On their way to old Mexico
I don’t want to be alone
The rays of light through my Shiner Bock bottle
Make me wanna turn the key and put down the throttle
And get lost down 35…”

Shiner Bock is available just about everywhere, so grab yourself a cold one and crank up some Texas music while you’re at it. And if you’re down in the Austin or San Antonio areas any time soon, go getcha some brisket from K Spoetzl BBQ Co.

I know I will next time I make it down that way, but until then, I just need them to start selling Shiner Light Blonde in North Carolina, too.

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A beer bottle on a dock