Golfer In Hurricane-Like-Conditions Makes What Some Are Calling The “Best Putt Ever”

Golf in high winds

Could this be the best putt the golfing world has ever seen?

If you were expecting to click on this article and see a video of a professional golfer like Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy sinking a putt to win a big tournament, that is not the case. Any putt in the history of the PGA Tour (or the LIV Tour for that matter) pales in comparison to this unlikely, unbelievable, all-time-great putt.

Considering the circumstances, this has to be crowned the greatest shot in all of golf. Once you see the video, you’ll understand why and hopefully agree.

Logan White, a real estate agent from Texas (based on his Instagram bio), posted this video of his all-time putt to his social media account. It has since blown up on multiple golf social media pages, and was even posted on Golf Digest’s Twitter account with the caption:

“Is this the best putt you’ve ever seen?!”

Yes, it very much is Golf Digest.

The classic golf movie Caddyshack has a famous quote from Bill Murray’s character which goes:

“I’d keep playing. I don’t think the heavy stuff’s going to come down for quite a while.”

Logan White and whoever was convinced to stay to film the putt in the horrid weather conditions MUST have said the famous quote when they decided to stay out on the course.

With what has to be 50 mile per hour wind, sideways pelting rain, and visible pieces of hail flying through the air, Logan White stayed composed and knocked down the 15-foot putt. The video is captioned:


15 foot par shot. DRAINED IT. Rain and hail it doesn’t matter.”

The two golfers can only laugh after White drains the putt in the “non-golfing-weather” conditions. Not sure why they were still out on the course with Mother Nature swirling like that, but I guess the pro-shop didn’t blow the horn to bring the golfers in for severe weather.

Congrats though Logan! This has to be one of the best against-all-odds videos I’ve seen, and as a fellow golfer, I know how difficult this must’ve been to pull off. Anytime there was wind stronger than over 10 miles an hour, I was absolutely horrible at putting.

I was actually probably horrible at putting anyways, but I’ll blame it on the weather for now until I can actually admit I had a problem.

If you happened to watch this video and said to yourself “I feel like I’ve seen a golfing-in-hail video before,” you probably have. The unreal putt from Logan White reminded me of a chip-in (from a hail covered green) that Phil Mickelson had back in 2000.

The groups at this PGA event 23 years ago were pulled off the course because of weather, but Phil and his group wanted to finish out their round since they were on their last hole.

“Lefty” then did what “Lefty” does:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock