Cheetah & Tortoise Are Inexplicably Best Friends

Cheetah tortoise

The fastest animal on the planet is best friends with the slowest creature on the planet.

All is right in the world.

This cheetah and tortoise are the best of friends, and it’s breaking the internet. Who would’ve thought that the speedy Cheetah (which can top out at 80 miles per hour running) would befriend a tortoise (who I am assuming would top out at 5 miles per hour on a really good day)?

The pair of unlikely buddies is kept at Carson Springs Wildlife Parks, which is a non-profit organization that houses endangered species and exotic animals in Gainesville, Florida. You’ll be happy to know that both the tortoise and the cheetah have names, and they are both fantastic.

The tortoise is named Penzi and the cheetah is named Tuesday (missed out on calling the Tortoise “Ruby,” but that’s okay).

In the heartwarming video, the cheetah rubs its head against the tortoise and loudly purrs. The two clearly care for one another, and though most people know the story of the “Tortoise and the Hare,” I think the “Tortoise and the Cheetah” has a nice ring to it.

The video goes on to show the pair of unlikely friends also share meals and snacks together and even walk around the sanctuary together. I’m not sure how they found out that these two animals were compatible, but now that they are, I absolutely love it.

Prepare to say “awwww” out loud before you watch this adorable video:

If you were having a bad day, hopefully this video helped.

If you were having a good day, here’s to the video making it that much better.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing some sort of animated kids movie based on these two creatures in the near future, and I’ll be the first to say that I’m here for it. However, it will be hard to top “the original.”

I would really only sign off on it if, in the movie, they were able to work out the speed difference and the tortoise was able to hitch a ride on the cheetah, or vice versa.

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