Wade Bowen Reflects On Life And His Journey Thus Far With Beautiful New Single, “Car Ride Home”

Wade Bowen country music
David McClister

Wade Bowen doesn’t miss.

His new single, “Car Ride Home,” is out everywhere today, as he finds himself driving down the road, reflecting about life and thinking about the journey he’s been on thus far.

Wade most recently put out his album Somewhere Between The Secret And The Truth last year, so it’s exciting to get a new single from the Texas native so soon after that release.

The new tune was was actually written 20 years ago by his friend and frequent collaborator Lori McKenna and the late Andrew Dorff, and Wade says it captures the essence of life and how we search for answers through music…

Sometimes, the simple answer can be found right there on the car ride home:

“This song is life. The good and the bad, the adventure and the journey… but also the challenge of trying to figure it all out.

We question so much in our lives, but I think there is strength in that. It’s what drives us, and what drives this song. Finding the answers.

Sometimes we find ourselves on a car ride home. I know I have.”

Of course, I think the idea of doing some deep thinking and soul-searching on a long, lonely car ride is a universally relatable concept, so it’s clearly stood the test of time being written two decades ago.

It feels just as fresh and understandable today as I’m sure it did back then, and I think the chorus sums it up best:

“You start thinkin’
Sinkin’ deep into your heart
Flippin’ pages of your life so far
What have you done right?
What have you done wrong?
Where in this world do you really belong?
5 hours to go on the car ride home”

The production is pretty simple and really allows the lyrics to breathe, and Wade’s vocals are solid, per the usual.

Make sure you give this one a download today:

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